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Prashant Chothani

CEO | 15 Sep 2003

Media Monitoring is mandatory. Information fuelled by quality data powers any business. This holds true in Media. Data for Ad Audit & Analysis is a must. The focus would very soon shift to the availability of data & the way it's served.

Mr.Prashant Chothani is one of the pioneer members of the Cable & Satellite Television Industry. A born entrepreneur his brilliant understanding of the Media made him create niche propositions which are benchmarks in the Television Industry. His is a unique mix of Creativity, Media Skills & IT expertise. And is a forerunner in deploying Technology to execute varied Media functions.

In an exclusive interview with Aarti Razdan>, Prashant Chothani,CEO - Perfect Monitoring Services Pvt. Ltd. talks about his venture Perfect Monitoring, net-based monitoring, competition, future plans and more!

Q. What is perfect monitoring all about?

Perfect Monitoring Services is an online Media Monitoring Portal providing Report through real time access to the database.

The logic is based on dynamic updating principle wherein the data is delivered without any lag time involved from the Data Mobilization Facility once it's verified. The basic reports as well as the analytical ones work on the same principle making it the most powerful reporting system ever built.

Q. How it all started?

Importance of having right data at the right time is what was lacking in the Indian Media Industry. Either the data was delivered after the relevance for the data was lost or the data was riddled with gaps and were saturated.

We also perceived that invaluable man & machine hours were wasted in organizing disparate data to derive meaningful information. And this thought that the Indian Media Business, which is versatile & vibrant, need not be dodged by these drawbacks prompted us to look for appropriate solution.

So we came up with an application integrating the best Data Collection Methods, reinforcing it with an unbeatable delivery mechanism. As the Company blends Media Expertise & Technology know-how, we could come up with mobilizing exhaustive data and design reporting solutions relevant for Varied Users.

Q. Which are the innovations to the credit of perfect monitoring?

The innovations that are to our credit are -- First in the world to provide a net based data delivery system, which is dynamic & real time.
First in the world to tag data under comprehensive Headings from Ad spots to Supers to Program Promos to Contests to Trailers to Songs….

First in the world to provide build, host & manage an online media monitoring data module integrating an incredibly useful Graphical Interpretation Model to the reports.

First in India to provide web based Radio Monitoring Solution.

The innovations revolutionized the Media Monitoring System absolutely effacing the Delivery Time involved apart from shuffling data parameters to view reports in different ways as would be required.

Q. What is net-based monitoring system? How does it work? Tell us about the monetisation aspect of the system? How is it useful for your clients?

Net-based Reporting system if defined is the delivery of monitoring data on the net. The implications of this reporting system is manifold:

Monitoring of Channels/Radio Stations happen in a closed cycle wherein the data is captured, entered, verified, hosted & delivered on the net in one smooth inter related flow.

The monitoring data exists as a virtual asset for the subscriber, which could be drawn out from the Net as & when required.

The data is constantly updated and the User can access the latest data as & when it's uploaded. These properties are called 'dynamic updating' & 'real time access'

Q. Tell us about your clients.

Apart from the regular reporting we do for Television Channels, Advertising Agencies, Radio Stations, Research Agencies, Television Producers & other Advertisers on Television we are specializing in providing Enterprise Data Solution & Media Intelligence for different entities. It's our belief that every user is unique. We want to create a solution, which emulates the requirement of each User instead of developing an application the User adapts to.

This approach is different & the industry is sure responding to this call for up gradation.

Idea of accessing data anywhere & at anytime is surely an exciting proposition.

Q. What are your future plans?

We have planned something really huge which would be the ultimate in terms of monitoring. Preparations are over & this Monitoring Model that we are presently testing in the lab would revolutionize the entire perception & practices of Monitoring.

Q. What is the differentiator between your service and other service providers like time monitoring? Whom do you see as principal competition?

We have positioned ourselves tangentially to the existing Vendors. Data Collection Methodology & Technology deployed for processing & Delivering Data is phenomenal. And isn't easy to match by any competitor. And we are not halting at this. As an organization committed to provide the best in technology to Users we know that technology constantly outsmarts technology. We are constantly deploying unique ones to give the necessary edge to our subscribers. The other bank on the first mover advantage as they have been in the scene for sometime now. But in this world driven by technology it's just a matter of time a technology-bred product takes over…

Q. How has radio monitoring service that u started been received by industry and clients?

Tremendous. We were the first to sense that the Radio Industry needs data as a prime mover. It's destined to be powerful & here we could offer much required depth in data as we started monitoring the channel almost from the beginning. Add to this the range under which we are offering data.. the combination is sure to be awesome.

Q. Are monitoring services a commodity service or do you see a potential for a value added opportunity?

Media Monitoring is mandatory. Information fuelled by quality data powers any business. This holds true in Media. Data for Ad Audit & Analysis is a must. The focus would very soon shift to the availability of data & the way it's served. Decision Makers are going to be short of time and in their hurry would demand for ready to use formats, instant data availability & data access anywhere, anytime.

Q. Do you think there is business potential in Internet media monitoring?

Sure Yes. And it's our vision to provide a 360 Degree Monitoring Solution to the Media fraternity. We are already developing appropriate technology to address different requirements and soon we would be unleashing a gamut of essential services as well.

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