Internet Moguls bags digital duties of TradusADS

Internet Moguls bags digital duties of TradusADS

Author | Shree Lahiri | Friday, Dec 09,2011 7:32 AM

Internet Moguls bags digital duties of TradusADS

TradusADS has brought on board Internet Moguls as their social media partner. With this, Internet Moguls will handle search engine and social media activation for TradusADS, a venture by ibibo, one of the largest e-commerce sites in India.

It was no easy task, as Avijit Arya, Founder and CEO, Internet Moguls, explained. “They belong to one of the only e-commerce portals that are doing so well. They used to do everything in-house, but when we got a chance to do a pilot project for them, it got them tremendous results, so they gave the business to us,” he added.

Arya further said that he spent some part of the year in Canada and North America, where he was based earlier, but “out there it’s a mature market and they do a lot in social media, but here people don’t understand social media fully yet”. Having their core expertise in the hospitality and travel businesses, they will now be venturing into the e-commerce space. But Arya is very upbeat as he said, “We’re a year ahead of the big guys!”

“Internet Moguls guarantees desired results to clients transcending various verticals in the industry, including travel, hospitality, e-commerce and real estate,” he emphasised. “E-commerce is a new area and search engine optimisation is a science and an art,” he pointed out. The proficiency in search engine marketing and social media engagement that Delhi-based Internet Moguls offered, “makes us the comprehensible choice for TradusADS”, Arya affirmed.

With a dynamic and experienced team of digital marketing professionals, headed by Chief Mogul Avijit Arya, Internet Moguls is being recognised as one of India’s leading digital marketing and PR agencies today, with partner alliances across the globe and over 100 case studies to leverage search engine and social media optimisation. Their solutions have rendered their clients with measurable successes from time to time, keeping in step with the ever-evolving dynamics of Internet marketing. They are positive of “taking Tradus ADS to new heights”.

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