Interface Business Solutions is top agency at Indian Digital Media Awards 2011

Interface Business Solutions is top agency at Indian Digital Media Awards 2011

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jun 06,2011 8:35 AM

Interface Business Solutions is top agency at Indian Digital Media Awards 2011
The agency winners of the second exchange4media Indian Digital Media Awards, held on June 3, 2011, were led by Interface Business Solutions, followed by Maxus. Both the agencies did almost twice as well in the final tally as any of the competition. The third spot was claimed by Webchutney, but there was a very close fight for that spot, almost becoming a three-way tie between Webchutney, Isobar and Mindshare.
Interface Business Solutions had a better showing than Maxus in terms of the ratio of Golds awarded to the agency for the various campaigns that they are running online for Tata DoCoMo, but Maxus had a strong showing as well, with entries in a number of categories and with various agents.
Interface’s work with Tata DoCoMo won them Golds in a number of categories, including Best Video Made Only for the Internet, Best Use of Blogs and Best Website for both the Corporate as well as Service categories. Their work often took a very simple but effective approach to digital – for example, for the Best Video category, they ran a YouTube preroll ad of 15 seconds showing the buffering image, before the main copy came up to tell users that this isn’t something they would experience if they used Tata DoCoMo’s high speed service.
Maxus, on the other hand, had entered their work with a number of clients, including Bausch & Lomb, Nokia and Vodafone. They had entered across categories like Best Integrated Campaign, Best Use of Social Networks, Best Use of Blogs, Best Use of Technology, and so on. Although Maxus took home one Gold, for the Best Integrated Campaign for Bausch & Lomb, and had less number of Golds than some of the entrants who ended up far below them on this list, the agency was still the second most successful agency on this list because of the sheer volume of quality work that they are doing.
The Gold winning entry for Bausch & Lomb in particular is very relevant because not only did they successfully integrate their various online measures, but (a factor which was ignored for judging, but is otherwise very important for all marketers to remember) they were also able to reinforce the impact of their offline messaging through online media, and vice versa.
Coming in at third place was Webchutney, just a step ahead of its competition. The agency took home two Golds, both of which highlight the agency’s comfort with the technology driving new media – one was for Best Use of Technology, for Bharat Martimony, and the other was for Best Use of Rich Media in a Display Ad, which was used for Airtel. The agency also won awards for Best Use of Blogs and Best Use of Twitter, for ESPN and MakeMyTrip, respectively.
Just below Webchutney was Isobar, which won a Gold for Reebok’s social media campaign, and the agency was also awarded for their work in banner ads, search marketing, and mobile apps. Aside from Reebok, Isobar also picked up awards for their work with Adidas and BMW.
Placed fifth was Mindshare, which had wins for Idea, Lays and Quaker, taking home four Silvers – for Best Mobile Advertising, Best App, Best Integration Campaign, and Best Use of Social Networks for a Cause. Interestingly, with four Silvers, Mindshare actually has the strongest haul of second place awards, ahead of Maxus, which has three.
Of all the nominated agencies, Maxus had the most entries, with 10 nominations, which they converted into seven awards, while Mindshare had nine nominations and four awards. Webchutney, Isobar and Tribal DDB led out the other nominees, but Interface managed to convert all their nominations into awards, including a handsome tally of four Golds, to become the most successful agency at the second exchange4media Indian Digital Media Awards.

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