Interactive in-store displays are the future: Maureen Johnson

Interactive in-store displays are the future: Maureen Johnson

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Apr 24,2007 9:13 AM

Interactive in-store displays are the future: Maureen Johnson

In a presentation by Maureen Johnson, CEO, The Store, WPP Retail Practice at “Building brands in the ambience of Consumption”, she observed that in-store displays are vital in any media plan and would form a major part of every brand’s plan in the coming years.

Sharing international insights, Johnson explained the importance of engaging the consumer by including in-store publicity in a media plan. She cited examples of P&G and WalMart and spoke more about how these two players used the medium optimally. “Wal-Mart started Wal-Mart TV and persuaded brands to utilise it and it was such a major success that no brand owner said ‘No’ to it,” she added.

Providing the example of the launch of ‘The Axe Effect’ by Unilever in the US, she said, “They used in-store publicity along with the other mediums for the launch and it turned out to be a huge success.”

Speaking on the barriers facing this space, she pointed out, “There is no tradable currency across the medium, and nobody is taking the efforts to develop its metrics either. The second most important issue is the content. Content needs to be tailored to the location of the screen and it needs to be tailored to the retailer.”

Speaking on the Indian sector, Johnson observed, “I understand that India has great creative talent and also has great technology, which is why we have seen leapfrogging in terms of quality promotional content and technology for this medium.”

She observed that interactive in-store displays like Live Call-in support and 3D Holograms are the way forward in the medium. Citing examples from countries like Austria and Belgium, she said, “Many retailers are already using RFID tags and Bluetooth to provide these services and I believe these will also follow all around the globe.”

Concluding the presentation, she pointed out, “In-store media helps to make the last touch-point for a brand owner valuable. Provide right content to the shopper at the right place, and it will work.”

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