Inside Kejriwal's brand of leadership

Inside Kejriwal's brand of leadership

Author | Manasa Mantha | Tuesday, Feb 04,2014 9:28 AM

Inside Kejriwal's brand of leadership

Delhi’s new Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal completed a month in office after being sworn in on December 28, 2013.

Though a month is too less a time for one to generate a report card marking his progress or failure in delivering what he promised, but nonetheless, a few hits and misses during this period offers valuable insights into his brand of leadership.

One thing is clear, Kejriwal seems to be following the route of ‘any publicity is good publicity’ – be it his swearing-in at the Ramlila Grounds or his recent ‘Dharna’, he sure knows how to play to the gallery.

Interestingly, all leading social networking sites have been abuzz with trends surrounding his antics. Cheeky and funny jokes on our politicians aren’t a new trend – with the entire #RahulSpeaksToArnab episode becoming the talk of the town for days now. Takes on Kejriwal’s governance and the hilarious spin offs are a trend that does not seem to recede any time soon. While some jokes focused on his supposed inability as a Chief Minister, majority of them surfaced around sardonic remarks on how honest he is and – better still – how far can he go to display his honesty.

Twitter recorded a huge trend of ‘#YoKejriwalSoHonest’ – since people tweeted almost every 20 seconds and kept it a national trend for four consecutive days. Some of the tweets though were downright nasty, while most were quite hilarious. This was followed up by the ‘#YoKejriwalSoBrave’ and ‘#KrantiKariAAPGovt’. Some of these jokes are too hard to miss:

• #YoKejriwalSoHonest that he hasn’t installed any anti-virus on his system because he does not want any kind of "security"

• #YoKejriwalSoHonest that he got his wife’s cousins arrested for stealing his shoes on his wedding

• #YoKejriwalSoHonest that he says “excuse me!” after sneezing even if nobody is there

• #YoKejriwalSoBrave that he can stay in the “Bigg Boss” House alone with Dolly Bindra

• #YoKejriwalSoBrave that he is not afraid of giving Ishant Sharma to bowl in the last overs

If one was to plot him on a growth share matrix, he’d figure in the Question Mark quadrant – where a new product is launched in the market and is yet to make its mark fully. From here on, the product can go only one of two ways – it can either become a ‘star’ and win accolades and bouquets; or can falter and tumble into becoming an obsolete ‘problem child’, in which case it’d be best to let go of the child. Kejriwal’s current state is oscillating dangerously between the two extremes, and he has to steer his boat clearly to get to one direction before he gets thrown into the other.

While we can safely assume that he is still trying to hold his ground and make a mark in the ‘industry’, so to speak, he will need a lot more action and a lot less gimmicks to earn him more bouquets than brickbats. Although, one has to admit – he did promise a stir, and is quite content causing it too.

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