India Digital Summit 2008: India, the next destination for internet marketing

India Digital Summit 2008: India, the next destination for internet marketing

Author | Rosy Ngaihte | Monday, Jan 14,2008 6:37 AM

India Digital Summit 2008: India, the next destination for internet marketing

The concluding sessions of Day two of the India Digital Summit 2008 delved on the future of Internet with topics like ‘Evolution and future of search marketing’ and ‘Games – The center of future entertainment’. The spotlight was on India as the destination for digital marketing.

The session on ‘Evolution and future of search marketing’ was anchored by Vivek Bhargava, CEO, Communicate2, while the keynote address was delivered by Dylan Thwaites, CEO, Latitude (UK), with speaker Mahesh Murthy, Managing Director, Pinstorm Technologies.

The session pointed out the fact that India was rapidly gaining the reputation of being the future destination for digital marketing. Though search marketing in India was still at a nascent stage, it was set to witness tremendous growth in the near future.

According to Thwaites, “Today, search advertising is not just about text anymore, but has moved a step forward. Local search is getting better like searching for a local restaurant and this can be used further as a great marketing tool. India has a bright future when it comes to mobile search, while this concept has not worked so well in the UK. Moreover, social media these days have become another medium where user-generated content can be used for search marketing to generate better and accurate results.”

Stating the reason behind why India is lagging in active participation in search marketing, Pinstorm Technologies’ Murthy, said, “In India, two or three large advertising companies can’t lead the process, and this also stands true for companies with extra search function.”

Another session was on ‘Games – The center of future entertainment’. The session was anchored by Rohit Sharma, COO, Zapak, while the keynote address was delivered by Kyu-Nam Choi, President, Korea Gaming Industry Agency.

According to Kyu-Nam, the gaming industry worldwide was worth $35 billion, of which online gaming market’s share was worth $7-8 billion. The Korean gaming market ws as worth $2 billion, he pointed out.

Kyu-Nam further said, “Asia-Pacific is the largest gaming market in comparison to America or Europe, particularly in online and mobile gaming. America is more popular for console gaming, while Europe is between console gaming and mobile and online gaming.”

Citing a Pricewaterhouse Coopers study, Kyu-Nam said that Asia-Pacific would be the driver of future growth in the gaming market. “In 2-3 years, the worldwide gaming market will be virtually practical and commercially viable in various forms of gaming, and it is expected that there will be 50-53 per cent growth in each country. However, there is threat from China because of its piracy activities,” Kyu-Nam added.

At present, the gaming industry in India was mainly for the classes and elite, basically due to the software and hardware, broadband and piracy problems as the infrastructure is still not that developed. Zapak’s Sharma pointed out, “Console gaming will be always for the elite classes due to the price factor. PC-based games and mobile games will co-exist, but stagnate after a certain time. However, online gaming will drive the market.”

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