IMPACT Annv Spl: Pratik Mazumder on digital mktg

IMPACT Annv Spl: Pratik Mazumder on digital mktg

Author | Pratik Mazumder | Tuesday, Dec 13,2011 7:53 AM

IMPACT Annv Spl: Pratik Mazumder on digital mktg

Pratik Mazumder, Head - Marketing & Strategic Alliance,, shares his seven insights on effective digital marketing.

Identify your target audience: Any efforts, if aimed at an incorrect audience, will go futile. Amongst India’s enormous population and diversified demographics, identifying correctly the sub-set of people you like to tap is the biggest challenge. So ‘Content’ and ‘Approach’ are always in sync to the target audience.

Understanding TA’s content consumption habits: Insights on the TA’s content consumption and devices they use to access that content always play a pivotal role in designing of your website. If your TA is a frequent visitor to social networking sites, a shortcut icon on the website’s home page, linking the TA to the company’s page on the networking site, helps in driving traffic.

Innovation: Find mobile apps, RSS feeds and innovative ways to engage the TA. A mobile app is like a credit card in the wallet. You don’t leave home without it. The mobile apps put you in prime position in the TOM recall.

Highlight USPs/ benefits/ offers: An online customer is well-researched and value-driven. Offering an unparallel experience alone is not an encouragement for users to visit your website. Consumer benefits and offers need to be highlighted effectively.

On your site, take them to the most relevant section: Any user always loves it when he gets his/ her desired information on a site easily. Without much hassle, a user should always be delivered the details he/ she is looking for. Also, the most relevant sections of a site should be well-highlighted.

Make your site easy to navigate: Any site that is easy to navigate and offers a large variety, always enjoys large eyeball-hits. The home page should prominently exhibit the tabs, clicking which would share detailed information on the subject.

Excellent customer support: There should be an excellent customer support system, wherein the customer is happy while navigating through the site. There should always be an option of ‘Contact us / Help’ on the site to help users bypass hassle, if any.

(Pratik Mazumder is Head of Marketing & Strategic Alliance at


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