IMC 2015: Bharat is coming online: Vikas Agnihotri

IMC 2015: Bharat is coming online: Vikas Agnihotri

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Wednesday, Feb 25,2015 9:13 AM

IMC 2015: Bharat is coming online: Vikas Agnihotri

IMC's second day started with a bang, with the first session of the day titled 'An Introduction to Digital Workshops’ by Vikas Agnihotri, Industry Director, Google India. Agnihotri spoke passionately, giving an interesting perspective coupled with a lot of statistics and facts on the 300 million Indians online today. By 2020, 650 millions will be online shared Agnihotri, quoting numbers from a survey done by Google with its agencies. He further said that Bharat is coming online, that is vast audience from non- metros and smaller cities, who is hungrily seeking  non-English content, which is currently not available.  In fact more than 40% of users prefer ‘Indic’( Indian languages) over English . The question then arises are we prepared for Bharat coming online? Not at the moment is the insight that came out of Agnihotri’s session, given the lack of Hindi and regional content at the moment.

Talking about the mobile medium, he said, over 65% of users in India will access the internet only through mobile devices this year. Content consumption in India has dramatically changed, he shared. India has traditionally been a ‘nation of sharing’, in the sense we have grown up sharing everything from cars, music systems; the mobile phone is the first personalised device for an Indian consumer.

He further spoke about ‘micro moments’, wherein the Indian consumer is now looking to receive information and news in short bullet points in between activities.

 India has over 100 million active social media users
 46 % social media users actively share content

Speaking about the burgeoning e-commerce and  online shopping phenomenon in India, Agnihotri said that, there is expected to be a six times growth in the online shopper base; quite interestingly four years ago there was no search for apparel online, today with companies like Myntra, Flipkart and others, apparel is the single most searched category in the last two years.

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