Idea Cellular campaign: Web takes over from where TV left off

Idea Cellular campaign: Web takes over from where TV left off

Author | Esha Madhavan | Saturday, Apr 04,2009 7:47 AM

Idea Cellular campaign: Web takes over from where TV left off

Idea Cellular has taken to the online platform in order to support its theme campaign, ‘What an Idea, Sirji’ featuring Abhishek Bachchan. The online campaign,, has been conceptualised by Idea Cellular’s media and digital agencies Lintas Media Group and Pinstorm, respectively. The campaign is claimed to have crossed 100,000 votes in less than a month and is said to have acquired the image of a big online movement.

The idea behind the ‘MyIdea’ campaign was participative decision making. The platform,, has been created to empower common people with a media platform to express their Ideas.

Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular, noted, “With growing reach of digital media, a microsite,, was developed to help Idea subscribers voice their Ideas and participate in building opinions. Lintas Media Group and Pinstorm worked closely with us on this initiative. In its first few days itself, the site has averaged over 6,000 views of ideas per day, over 30 new ideas every day. This has been a good initiative to build interactive communication in the digital space.”

Explaining the insight behind the campaign, Shrivastava said, “This concept of MyIdea is completely neutral to creative themes, media forms, languages and markets, thereby making it unique and scaleable. Hence, within three weeks of the launch of the campaign, we have registered more than 2,200 MyIdeas (moderated) and more than 1.4 lakh votes.”

Some of the ideas and the voting pattern so far include: Criminals shouldn’t stand for elections, with over 11,000 voting for and 3,000 voting against; Save the girl child by paying the parents a stipend, with about 4,000 votes for and about 100 votes against; and even instead of paying IPL players crores, Ambani and Mallya should save their employees’ jobs with over 3,000 votes for and about 500 against.

Lynn de Souza, Chairman, Lintas Media Group, said, “ is proof that digital has come of age as a medium in India. Getting a lakh of public votes within three weeks was originally a process you once needed to spend a huge amount of money on-ground. Today, online has now become a great medium for brand activation in India.”

Ansoo Gupta, Head - Global Business, Pinstorm, said, “We’re really happy how it all came together – the site, the technology behind it, the dozens of ads we’ve done to promote it – and the viral effect that is now spreading across India. The MyIdea site has now got a life of its own and we expect bigger things from it in the weeks ahead.”

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