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How brands need to go beyond posts; get witty, emotional, interact with consumers @ the right time

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How brands need to go beyond posts; get witty, emotional, interact with consumers @ the right time

The popularity of social media has forced brands; both established and newly launched, to adopt new communication strategies to lure the digital-friendly consumers, who will only pay attention if the brand communication stands out from the clutter.

One brand which has always stood out in terms of its creativity on social media is Oreo, now young brands like Zomato, Grofers, Practo and others are also trying the innovative approach. Health app Practo uses humour in most of its creatives to spread awareness. While grocery delivery app, Grofers uses witty tonality on social media to make their communication stand out.

In an age where a large number of consumers are on the digital platform, it is a challenge for brands to come up with powerful communication to attract customers. Brands are therefore left with no option but to be innovative. From age old firms to start-ups, they have all started to adopt this trend and are trying to incorporate it as part of their social media strategy.

According to Pratik Gupta, Co-founder, FoxyMoron, “The overall strategy and the algorithms on social media have changed. The number of posts a brand does on a day has reduced considerably, they have realised that more is not good, but better is good. The tone adopted by brands is either witty, which can make people laugh or emotional or make them cry. Today brands talk like people, behave like a person, interacting with brands has never been this relevant.”

Randal Gomes, Creative Lead, Mindshift Interactive, points out, “Brands like Practo and Zomato have understood that it’s not about the number of posts but that one post that has scope to generate massive outreach. Like brand managers, consumers too have become more intelligent. They share only those posts that are different from the regular ones or those that either excite them or connect with them at a personal level. With a drop in organic engagements on Facebook, brands have to be more mindful of what and when they are posting.”

Strategy to get it right

Commenting on how brands should be featured on social media, Tripti Lochan – CEO VML said,Digital content has been a topic of much discussion recently and everyone is keen to figure out a formula to get it right. Any content, digital or not, needs to begin with a clear consumer need. Creating content without keeping the consumer’s need in mind is similar to tele-shopping adverts, which almost no one cares about. Put the consumer in the center of everything you do. It’s not about you sending a brand message or product information, it is about allowing consumers to interact with your brand and content in the manner they prefer.”

She further added, “The second key aspect of creating engaging digital content is to understand consumer context. What most of us forget is that it’s never just about the content we are creating but also about the frame of mind and device that is used while consuming that content. Another aspect, which is particularly relevant, is the ‘Power of Storytelling’. In a 2014 ‘Content Marketing Trends Survey’ by Holger Schulze for Optify, consumers were asked about what made for winning content. Engaging storytelling topped the list at 81.5%, followed by originality at 52.6% and custom content at 49.2%.”

Anjanee Gadgil, Account Manager, Gozoop explains, “Fans look forward to seeing something that adds value to their lives, something they can relate to rather than just having to see the same old stuff that they've probably seen somewhere else too. A single social media update is just about enough for someone to hit the 'Follow' or 'Unfollow' button on your brand page.The trick is to take inspiration from daily happenings, movies, songs, special days of the year, or memes even- (anything and everything that interests your audience) and turn it into shareable, relevant and visually appealing content.”

 “Brands must get that apart from tweaking tweet lengths, using the right Instagram hashtags and mastering their Facebook tone, there's yet another factor that determines the engagement rate of their brand page- timing. The content should go up when your audience is most likely to see it. But at the same time, you don't want to flood their newsfeed with irrelevant updates so much that they'll unfollow you.Your social media efforts can take you places if you know when to put your foot on the gas but it's also important to know when to take it off. And the latter is what most brands fail to understand. The posts you upload should conveniently pop up or seem like a happy coincidence rather than just spam,” she cited.

Speaking about the approach which brands need to take, Gomes further elaborated “Create a pattern with your content where people get to see what they like consistently and surprise them at times with new content forms wherein you decide a new approach you'd like to take --elements like GIF's, Flipagrams, Memes etc., when done effectively are well received. People are impacted more by visuals on social media, so focus on high impact and relevant shot imagery versus a constant dependency on stock photos and loop that in with an effective call to action. If you want to leverage a current trending topic/special day, ensure to first think of an idea that'll set you apart from the clutter of posts from other brands that intend on leveraging the trend too and ensure it’s relevant to your brand or industry.” 


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