HLL multiplies media spends on Internet

HLL multiplies media spends on Internet

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Nov 27,2006 9:39 AM

HLL multiplies media spends on Internet

HLL has renewed its focus on the Internet for some of their key brands. The trigger of HLL’s current view of the Internet medium comes from the fact that the corporate has moved away from its TV-centric approach to be more 360-degree in its communication.

Explaining this and speaking further on HLL’s Internet strategy, Rahul Welde, GM, Media Services, HLL, said, “We are using the Internet aggressively for select brands simply because it is more relevant for some brands than it is for others. For instance, it is very relevant for Axe, Sunsilk, Lux, Clinic All Clear – the high-end kind of brands.”

Elaborating on some other guiding factors on which brands utilise the web medium, Welde said, “It really is dependant on the TG and where their engagement is going to come from. We would definitely not use the Internet for Wheel today. Can we do it in the future? May be, that would depend on Internet penetration in rural India, but that is distant now.”

The increased use of the medium has rendered an increase in ad spends here as well. When asked to give an indication of the kind of increase, Welde said, “It’s in multiples – not a percentage increase, it is like three times or four times but of that order, in multiples. The Internet space is about two things really: one is about site building and driving engagement from there, and then there is Internet advertising. Our investments are a combination of these two factors.”

Citing an example, he said, “If you take Clinicallclear.com for example, it is a fun website, there are over 5,000 movies that people have made and uploaded on the site. There is a lot of stuff people are doing on the Internet. Another example is that of Axe or Sunsilk Gang of Girls. In that sense, Internet is very exciting albeit for a few brands, but this is set to grow.”

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