Healthcare and Big Data: A perfect fit?

Healthcare and Big Data: A perfect fit?

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Wednesday, Aug 06,2014 8:00 AM

Healthcare and Big Data: A perfect fit?

A Simplify 360 study which analyzed social media interactions across the month of July says that healthcare was the most talked about topic in connection with Big Data. The study also said that people more closely associated Oracle, Apple and IBM when it came to Big Data. Other most talked about topics were sports, financial institutions/markets, HR and e-learning.

Overall, there were 194,000+ mentions of Big Data with nearly 40% coming from the US. India contributed just 4% to the overall chatter on the topic. Twitter is the most used channel to talk about Big Data, the study concluded. Interestingly, the conversations seemed to have been limited to just two social media platforms—Twitter and Facebook. The Simplify 360 analysis found no mentions of big data on either blogs or news sites, which is a bit surprising for a topic considered one of the most relevant in today’s data intensive world.

Big Data, which is a term used to describe huge and complex data sets which are too difficult to be analyzed using traditional tools, has been identified as an increasingly powerful tool for marketers who want to make sense of what their customers do online. According to a McKinsey study in 2013, in 2012 alone, “internet users generated 4 exabytes (4 x 1018 bytes) of data, fed by more than one billion computers and one billion smartphones.”

The applications of big data analysis are limitless; from better targeting of online audiences to more in-depth customer intelligence. In fact, McKinsey says that users of Big Data and analytics show 5-6 per cent higher productivity and profitability.

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