Have you joined the 'Happy' phenomenon on YouTube?

Have you joined the 'Happy' phenomenon on YouTube?

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 06,2014 8:28 AM

Have you joined the 'Happy' phenomenon on YouTube?

There have been no dearth of songs that have gone viral on YouTube, with phenomenal following. Not so long ago there was ‘Gangnam Style’ and before that there was our own ‘Kolaveri’. The latest to have caught the netizens’ attention is the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

The song featured in a Hollywood animation movie, ‘Happy’, on YouTube has spread infectiously and taken on a life of its own. Connecting with people across countries – male and female, young and old – the song has people making videos dancing to the song.

A testimony to this fact is a website, http://wearehappyfrom.com/, created by two French guys that features an interactive map to let users browse videos by location. So far, there are 1,420 videos from 131 countries that people have put up on YouTube, where people are dancing to this mood lifting tune.

And the fever has gripped India equally. After videos being created from London, New York, Dubai, Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, Berlin and from many more corners of the world, these cities in India took their chance to be ‘Happy’ too.

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