H-P gets active in social media space with Toyrama, other initiatives

H-P gets active in social media space with Toyrama, other initiatives

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Oct 25,2007 8:17 AM

H-P gets active in social media space with Toyrama, other initiatives

The computer today is much more than a machine enabling its user to simplify work. Hewlett-Packard, a leading player in the IT space, is aggressively playing this card where it is looking at forming an emotional connect with its consumers rather than just focusing on selling hardware. In June 2006, H-P had changed its positioning with the campaign ‘The Computer is Personal Again’ and since then, it has launched several initiatives in the social media space.

Deepti Dang, Head, Marketing - Commercial & SMB, Personal Systems Group, H-P India, explained, “H-P has taken a conscious effort to be differently placed among the various players in this segment. Today, literally life crashes if one’s computer crashes. We at H-P look at computers as an extension of one’s personality and we have been running initiatives to fulfill our commitments in the social media space.”

Recently, H-P launched H-P Toyrama, an online animation contest that allows people to unleash their creativity. Since its launch, the contest has attracted close to 565 entries, out of which 225 are from India, which indicates the high level of engagement of Indians with their computers. The winner of this contest will get an Autodesk Maya software as well as an opportunity to visit the DreamWorks facility at Los Angeles.

Dang added, “We don’t look at associations as merely putting our logo or being ‘official sponsors’ somewhere. Instead, we look at partnering where our strengths can be used. At Cannes this year, we helped in making the place IT-enabled and that was our way of participating in the event.”

Besides these initiatives, H-P is gearing up for another season of MTV - Meet or Delete using the platform of ‘The Computer is Personal Again’. The series, developed by MTV in collaboration with H-P’s PC business, celebrates relationships and offers an exciting way of getting to know someone, be it for dating, identifying one’s next roommate or picking up a new band member. The initiative is like gazing into someone’s computer (including names of his files, his music, etc) and understanding his or her personality. The launch of the next season is slated in the early part of 2008.

Another programme is the ongoing Hall of Fame for the business notebook campaign using the platform of ‘Business is Personal Again’. Instead of getting celebrities to endorse the products, H-P uses game changers of modern day India who use the notebook in their day-to-day life. It has used people like designer Dilip Chhabria, filmmaker Karan Johar and architect Hafeez Contractor, who are all pioneers in their fields.

In the social media space, H-P has also planned some other initiatives such as H-P Learning Solution targeting schools and colleges. Besides, it also tied up with ICICI Bank to make finance easy.

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