Guest Column: Womaniya O’Womaniya: Vishakha Singh,

Guest Column: Womaniya O’Womaniya: Vishakha Singh,

Author | Vishakha Singh | Tuesday, Mar 08,2016 9:01 AM

Guest Column: Womaniya O’Womaniya: Vishakha Singh,

Let a woman be a woman, delicate in her emotions and strong in her character and let the world be a place of equal opportunities writes Vishakha Singh, Founder,

You know, since last year 8th March a few phenomenal things happened:

1.      Deepika Padukone established herself as a fine actor and not just a pretty face.

2.      Sonam Kapoor earned the star of acting for and as Neerja, in fact Firstpost did a story on her how she wore a non glam look and no designer stuff. There was no credit to the stylist for the film.

3.      Priyanka Chopra not only grabbed International work, she wore an outfit at Oscars that made her a part of the fraternity.

4.      Twinkle Khanna started tickling more often.

5.      All actresses hug and praise each other now.

6.      Ariel urged to Share the Load

7.      Titan urged to look at a woman’s success differently

8.      Apurva Purohit silently climbed up the corporate ladder

9.      Malvika Mehra left the post of a NCD

10.  Facebook released emoticons with the WOW emoticon looking like an exasperated expression.

Thank God, for not changing just a few things:

1.      Ecommerce sites offering women’s day discount. Thank God for all the sale.

2.      We didn’t read in any newspaper about men being harassed by bosses asking when will they take paternity leave?

3.      Women apparently didn’t learn to drive well. But they didn’t learn to ignore the scowl either.

4.      Women continued to sob while watching movies. Men, ok most men, continued to deny any signs of emotions. Imagine using the same tissue to wipe yours and his tears…eeks.

5.      Journalists forced questions on gender-biased sensitivity and the papers carried miseries in fund raising for women startups and stereotyping of founders.

6.      Men continue to make waves in leadership positions, especially in media and advertising industry.

7.      Women are supposed to be more creative, but men are more creative heads.

It is such a shining feeling that there is more good news than bad news. That the light from good news, will remove the darkness from the bad news. Anyway, who cares about driving better and wanting to stop crying while watching movies?

Women, just want to be accepted as women. Without any ‘lakshman rekha’, like a question mark on her skills/leadership/commitment. No special offers, no sympathy, no special treatment, no reservation, let a woman be a woman, delicate in her emotions and strong in her character and let the world be a place of equal opportunities. And yes, let there be a women’s day, because there must be reasons to celebrate and rejoice. Add a men’s day too!

About the author:

The author is Founder of a fashion and lifestyle designs discovery platform, She believes in selfies are better with a smile so why crib and cry and that being a women is being gifted, is being the chosen one.

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