Guest Column: Digital Video will become mandatory for campaigns: Rajiv Dingra

Guest Column: Digital Video will become mandatory for campaigns: Rajiv Dingra

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jan 08,2016 9:14 AM

Guest Column: Digital Video will become mandatory for campaigns: Rajiv Dingra

Rajiv Dingra - Founder & CEO, WATConsult, from the Dentsu Aegis Network, writes aboutDigital media  growing exponentially in India and 2016  expected to be a landmark year in terms of growth.

Dingra shares a few trends that may multiply aggressively in 2016….

Digital Video will become mandatory for campaigns – It has happened in a big way in 2015 and it will only get bigger. The opportunity and growth of digital video is why Facebook has aggressively jumped onto this bandwagon. Instagram too extended its video length to 30 seconds. Also with 360 degree video now a reality across Facebook and YouTube it gives an immersive experience to those watching. There is also live video with platform like periscope and Meerkat and even Facebook is currently beta testing live video on its platform. Close home Hotstar has grown into a big video platform and digital phenomenon like AIB has gone offline as well. So there is no doubt in my mind that every digital campaign will now have a video. In some cases brands may choose to replace a TVC with a DVC i.e. digital video commercial.

Audience Buying (Programmatic) Will Grow - A lot of talk has been happening around programmatic advertising but very little was achieved in 2015. Maybe it’s got to do with terminology. Audience focused planning and buying rather than platform focused planning and buying will become big in 2016. Every advertising network has their own trading desk and programmatic expertise now in India and clients too are starting to see the effectiveness of capturing and nurturing audience data. 2016 will definitely be the year of audience planning and buying in digital.

Mobile Only Campaigns - While an app only strategy may not have worked for ecommerce brands when it comes to digital campaigns mobile only campaigns will start becoming a commonality. Mobile traffic is growing day by day and the time spent by users on their devices is also increasing exponentially. It’s only a matter of time when marketers will move to focusing all their efforts only on mobile.

Rise of Brand Commerce - Ecommerce has already grown exponentially in India. But what is still to grow is brands that you don't traditionally perceive as ecommerce oriented brands leveraging digital to complete the consumer journey from awareness to transactions. This is what 2016 will bring an opportunity for brands to come a full circle on digital by leveraging brand spends to deliver ecommerce effectiveness.

Social Crisis Management a must - Clearly if anything has been a real lesson in 2015 is that social media can destroy brands. Right from ecommerce CEO's shooting off statements on twitter to Maggi realizing the power of bad news spreading on social media and also British Airways realizing how big Sachin Tendulkar's social presence is. All these incidences have made brands aware of Social Crisis and its power and 2016 will definitely be the year when they ramp up their social monitoring efforts.

Innovations And More - Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Robotics and more such physical plus digital innovations have been rare in the Indian scene. But with 2016 and the growing need for breaking the clutter you will see a big push by both brands and agencies to do something innovative.

This will lead them to a physical path where physical merges with digital.

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