Guest Column: Build a social community that builds you

Guest Column: Build a social community that builds you

Author | Garima Obrah | Thursday, Apr 11,2013 8:10 PM

Guest Column: Build a social community that builds you

It’s not about showing up on Google’s search results – it’s about making the results show up for your brand. After extensively connecting with people for Aamby Valley City’s skydiving activity, when we did a little self-googling, we knew that our ‘People talking about us’ isn't restricted to Facebook.


The above screenshot says lot about how social media is breathing new life into the old dog known as content marketing. Content marketing, as we at Brandlogist believe, doesn't even require a great deal of technical expertise and know-how to use. Don’t get hassled by the jargon built around it. Just take our word – it is the hottest way to position your product on the web; more so, because our dear client Aamby Valley City saw how content marketing took their skydiving event to being the first biggest international skydiving event of India.

The number one goal of your content marketing is to increase the trust factor, build up your reputation and sway your main audience. We guess we successfully did as our community shared enough for us to launch an entire Pinterest Gallery for Aamby.

Step closer to your audience and make their experience memorable rather than saying a plain, simple thank you. Feature their blog posts, pictures, and experiences so that they feel special about the brand they’ve interacted with.

Our content marketing strategy proved effective for accomplishing our goals during Skydive Aamby Valley. About 22 out of 45 posts were about real on-ground experiences of skydiving at Aamby Valley and they garnered a whopping 1.3 million reach and 1,258 shares.
The little secret to that success lies in measuring the impact that your content is having. Since tandem skydiving is all about trust on your instructor, we introduced the trainers via two exclusive videos made around them. One of them alone took some 250 shares to its credit.

It’s difficult to match the client’s requirements in every aspect and ours was specifically happy about how we received constant feedback and resolved queries on social media. In fact, the handwritten feedbacks received at the venue were showcased in a Facebook Album garnering over 100 likes and numerous shares.

The idea of an effective content marketing strategy isn’t to waste funds by putting advertisements all over the internet, but making high-quality, valuable content for targeted traffic that is looking for exactly what you are providing. I guess it’s time we start getting real in the virtual world! What say?

The author is Brand Analyst, Brandlogist

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