Guest Column: 2016 Digital Trends: Vishal Jacob

Guest Column: 2016 Digital Trends: Vishal Jacob

Author | Vishal Jacob | Wednesday, Jan 13,2016 8:32 AM

Guest Column: 2016 Digital Trends: Vishal Jacob

From marketing and social data command centers to real-time customer connect, 2016 promises many new trends in the Digital space writes Vishal Jacob, National Director, Digital, Maxus.

It would now be safe to say that we are consuming and interacting with content across multiple screens from the time we are awake to the time we go to bed. As a result of these activities a huge amount of data gets created. The availability and access to this data has brought a change in the way brands connect with customers. Monitoring this data on an ongoing basis provides marketers some great insights which they can use in their marketing campaigns. The need to use data effectively for marketing initiatives has led to a lot of clients creating marketing command centers within their own premises and this trend will grow significantly in 2016.

Real time analytics and preparedness are vital ingredients now to drive positive sentiments or otherwise. The need to be nimble is more important now than ever before. A marketing command center allows you to do just that. Early movers like Pepsi, Nestle and HUL have understood the importance of these data points for effective marketing campaigns and it has helped them analyze data in real-time and react in a far more informed manner.

Analyzing data through these marketing command centers can be of help in multiple ways. 

Understand consumers better – One can now go beyond demographic details and understand multiple data points about consumers by observing social data points. It helps give a semblance on grouping laggards, influencers, long time visitors or brand evangelists under one roof in real time.

Create relevant clusters of audience and their lookalike – By closely analyzing consumers who have engaged with your communication, one can create profiles and then work with multiple platforms to create lookalikes. This in turn can improve the targeting capabilities for brand campaigns.

Personalize and provide a one-on-one communication to consumers – There is no better tool than a personalized message and with command centers effective one-on-one communication points are created for greater brand recall.

Create adaptive content and market real time – A close watch on trending topics allows brands to create content in real-time and market it to consumers in a more topical and relevant manner.

Understand competition better – By listening and analyzing conversations in the category one can gain a lot of insights about the positive and negative sentiments that consumers have about your brand vs competition

Manage your brand reputation online and react to any PR Crisis in a far more controlled manner – By tracking conversations and creating an internal escalation framework many brands have managed to avoid a PR crisis

In 2016 we will see a lot more brands setting up such command centers which will enable them to be far more nimble in connecting with consumers.

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