Guest Column: LinkedIn’s Friday dressing

Guest Column: LinkedIn’s Friday dressing

Author | Windchimes Communications | Thursday, Oct 04,2012 7:14 PM

Guest Column:  LinkedIn’s Friday dressing

With big giants such as Facebook and Twitter having already received a facelift in the last one year or so, could Linkedin be left far behind? The world’s leading social networking forum for professionals has recently undergone a cosmetic facelift and it looks quite promising.

Lasting impression
The first impression is that Linkedin has definitely geared up to become more engaging. The user interface has seen some dramatic changes while retaining many features almost as it is. The most visible change is doing away with the additional white space that the previous layout had.

Additionally, Linkedin has introduced a clear demarcation of the various elements of the page into sections for comfortable viewing and ease of access. A dash of blue, black and grey has been added to the menu bar at the top to give the home page a more dynamic look. This menu bar though floats around at the top of the page regardless of wherever one navigates to within the page. This makes navigation simpler and holds the attention of the people on the page longer.

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