Grasshoppers India bags Reboot’s digital mandate

Grasshoppers India bags Reboot’s digital mandate

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Dec 01,2015 8:10 AM

Grasshoppers India bags Reboot’s digital mandate

Delhi-based communications agency Grasshoppers India has joined hands with technology refurbisher company Reboot Systems to help the brand connect with the youth as it looks at an expansion in the retail space through brick and mortar as well as online platforms.  

 According to the press release, the brand is now looking at increasing its retail presence by setting-up over 250 Experience Centres and Zones across the country by March 2017. Currently, there are 20 Reboot Experience Centres and Zones across 12 states.

 As per Reboot’s CEO and Co-Founder Rahul Chowdhury, “Refurbishment is a popular concept in the West but is yet to gain full momentum in India though the surface is getting scratched now. Through our partnership with Grasshoppers, we not only want to draw attention to our brand but also create awareness among the target audience about the need for embracing refurbished products for a host of economic and environmental benefits. It is important for people to know that refurbishment is not a synonym for second hand. Rather, a refurbished product bought from a reliable Microsoft Registered Refurbisher is as good as new. Every Indian should own a refurbished product so that they are able to own a device of their choice just like globally in developed nations where consumers own between 3 and 4 devices. Reboot will play at the heart of the ecosystem via its innovative take back policy to reduce E-Waste for the country and have a simple disposition for end consumers. With the objective of educating the masses, we will be coming up with a lot of interesting and interactive campaigns on various digital platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Google.”

Arjun Banerjee, Director , Grasshopper, said, “We live in a tech-savvy era where a lot of us discard our e-goods within a couple of years in order to buy the latest gadget. When Reboot approached us for this campaign, we got very excited with the thought of getting associated with a cause where we will be able to instigate the affluent people of the society to help the technology deprived through a small gesture of giving away their disposable IT and technology assets for refurbishment. Our campaign will also encourage people with a good spending power to opt for refurbished products not only to save money but because it is good for the environment.” 

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