Google launches new tools to make search more exciting

Google launches new tools to make search more exciting

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, May 15,2006 7:42 AM

Google launches new tools to make search more exciting

Search engine giant Google has launched a host of new tools including an improved version of Google Desktop - Google Desktop 4. Three other products that have been launched currently at Google Labs are Google Co-op, Google Notebook and Google Trends. Google Co-op beta is a community where users can contribute their knowledge and expertise to improve Google search for all users. Organizations, businesses, or individuals can label web pages relevant to their areas of expertise or create specialized links to which users can subscribe. Once a user has subscribed to a provider's content, all of that provider's labels and subscribed links are added to the user's search results for relevant queries. These contributions serve as meta-information that helps Google's search algorithms connect users to the most relevant information for their specific query.

For example, a doctor can label web pages related to Arthritis, and users who subscribe to that doctor's information will receive options at the top of the results for more specific information such as ‘treatment’, ‘symptoms’, or ‘for health professionals’, when they enter a relevant query. As a first step, Google has worked with partners to annotate web pages related to health and city guides and to offer dozens of subscribed links to specialized content such as restaurant and movie information. Going forward, the broader online community will begin building new topic areas and subscribed links to help improve the way people find and discover information online.

"Google Co-op and the other new services announced today combine the power of Google's technology with the context, knowledge, and unique expertise of individuals," said Jonathan Rosenberg, Sr. VP, Product Management, Google. "As a result, users can find the information they are looking for – no matter how specialized or specific – faster than ever."

The company has also introduced Google Trends, a new tool that enables users to examine billions of searches conducted on Google to gain insight into broad search patterns over time. Google Trends builds on the Google Zeitgeist to help users find facts and trends related to Google usage around the world. Google Trends enables users to learn how popular a particular search term has been on Google over time and see the relevant news articles that ran on that subject.

"For the first time ever, Google is making it possible to sift through billions of search queries from around the world to see what people are thinking about," said Marissa Mayer, vice president, Search Products and User Experience, Google Inc.

Google Trends will enable users to gain insight into topics such as relative popularity of brands and politicians in specific countries and even at major towns of a particular country. Google Notebook is to be launched next week. The tool, from Google’s explanation, seems to be an extension of Yahoo!’s ‘My Web’ tool. Through this, a user can save and organize their thoughts when conducting research online. This personal browser tool permits users to clip text, images, and links from the pages they're browsing, save them to an online ‘notebook’ that is accessible from any computer, and share them with others.

Google says that the new products “all incorporate new capabilities that leverage user communities, enabling users to either share more information with others or benefit from other users' expertise to improve the accuracy of search results.”

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