Google introduces Google Gadget Ads and AdSense for Mobile

Google introduces Google Gadget Ads and AdSense for Mobile

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Sep 20,2007 9:02 AM

Google introduces Google Gadget Ads and AdSense for Mobile

Google has announced the launch of two new products for advertisers -- Google Gadget Ads and AdSense for Mobile. Google Gadget Ads is an interactive ad format that is currently in an expanded beta format with a select group of AdWords advertisers worldwide. AdSense for Mobile intends to provide users with relevant ads when they are searching or browsing content on their mobile phones.

Expressing his delight with the response of Indian advertisers and publishers, who are using Google AdWords and AdSense as tools for their business to generate revenue, Shailesh Rao, MD, Google India, said, “The launch of Gadget Ads and AdSense for Mobile will provide them with even more exciting formats and targetted technology to enhance their monetisation potential.”

Google Gadget Ads are non-traditional ad units with interactive rich media capabilities. These can incorporate real-time data feeds, images, video and much more in a single creative unit, and can be developed using Flash, HTML or a combination of both. They support both cost-per-click and cost-per-impression pricing models, and offer a variety of contextual, site, geographic and demographic targetting options.

An official communiqué noted that feedback from preliminary beta participants, including brand advertisers such as Pepsi-Cola North America's Sierra Mist, Intel, Honda, Six Flags and Paramount Vantage, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The introduction of this new advertising format provides advertisers and agencies worldwide with an imaginative and dynamic way to interact with consumers,” said Susan Wojcicki, VP-Product Management, Google. Google Gadget Ads are built on an open platform that enables distribution across the Google content network and can be shared on iGoogle and other personalised web pages at no additional cost to advertisers.

AdSense for Mobile is a programme that contextually targets ads to mobile website content. AdSense for Mobile also allows AdSense publishing partners the ability to earn revenue from their mobile websites through the targetted placement of mobile text ads. The system automatically reviews the content of publishers’ mobile websites and delivers text ads that are relevant to the websites' audience and content.

AdSense for Mobile will be available in 13 countries of the US, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, India, China, and Japan.

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