unveils new game in support of chickens – ‘Revenge of the Tandoori Chicken’ unveils new game in support of chickens – ‘Revenge of the Tandoori Chicken’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Mar 06,2006 7:59 AM

A- unveils new game in support of chickens – ‘Revenge of the Tandoori Chicken’, India’s first casual gaming site, has launched a specially created game based on the plight of chicken in the country, called ‘Revenge of the Tandoori Chicken’. Following reports of bird flu cases in Maharashtra and some other parts of India, people were suddenly reluctant to consume the much loved tandoori chicken. has come out in support of the tandoori chicken.

The game is based on the hero of chikenkind – Tandoori Chicken – who lives in a roadside dhaba. The game play consists of the player enacting the role of ‘Tandoori Chicken’ and shooting down his erstwhile admirers, the highway travellers. The game also includes a scoring system showing individual scores and a top 10 list. is planning to come out with more sequels of the game to support the struggle of ‘Tandoori Chicken’ in regaining his lost glory.

India has a huge potential to become a big gaming market. According to estimates, the Indian gaming market is currently valued at around $30 million and is growing by a whopping 60-80 per cent annually.

Said Alok Kejriwal, Founder and CEO, Games2win, “After the dreaded bird flu hit Indian shores, we have seen mass killing and alienation of the most popular delicacy on the Indian plate, the tandoori chicken. We were appalled to see that nobody came forward to support the poor tandoori chicken. That’s when Games2win decided we needed to do something to support the tandoori chicken and thus this game. The aim of this game is to create awareness about the plight of the bird while entertaining the gamer. We plan to come out with many more of such innovative, thought provoking and enjoyable Indian games.”

The ‘Tandoori Chicken’, too, has a say, “We are enamoured by the love and support we have received from Games2win. In the times when we chickens are being slaughtered and abandoned by the same people who couldn’t live without us for a day, Games2win has stood by us by giving us a platform to voice our emotions!”

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