Games2win unveils world’s fastest growing online games ad network

Games2win unveils world’s fastest growing online games ad network

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jul 11,2008 7:57 AM

Games2win unveils world’s fastest growing online games ad network

G2W Inc, the fully owned subsidiary of Games2win, has unveiled Invizi Ads, claimed to be one of the world’s fastest growing online games ad network.

The Invizi Ads concept is quite simple: game developers insert an ad code in their games before releasing them. Then depending on their deals with other gaming partner portals (license or revenue share, or both), they can turn these ads to be either visible or invisible on these portals.

Several portals, however, copy these games and host them on their portals as their games. This is where Invizi Ads comes in. With the embedded ad code, the ads on these portals can be made visible, thus allowing the advertising companies a larger spread and reach of their campaign, and in turn generate revenues for the developers for every game played.

Commenting on the unique revenue model of Invizi Ads, Alok Kejriwal, Founder and CEO, Games2win, said, “About a year ago, Games2win discovered that once they published a game on their site, thousands of other sites would copy and paste these games on their sites – almost following an unwritten protocol on the Internet to share and swap original content. While this resulted in massive distribution for the game developers, there was no revenue benefit accruing to them. The quest to capture this large economic gap led to the creation of Invizi Ads.”

In June 2008, Invizi Ads reached out to over 35 million unique gamers around the world within three months of its launch.

What interests advertisers to participate and partner for Invizi Ads is the fact that almost 1 out of 2 users of the World Wide Web, or 415 million people, now play online games (comScore data, June 2008). This delivers huge audiences to advertisers to reach out to. Also, it is proven that ‘in-game’ advertising provides superior returns to advertisers, especially with reference to the high CTRs (Click Through Rates) that these in-game ad units deliver.

For instance, Invizi Ads are played across 2,000+ online game sites by consumers across 150 countries. Advertisers can select their geography of choice and then target consumers playing games in those markets. Typical Invizi Ads deliver between 1-3 per cent CTR as compared to normal ad units (rectangle hoardings and sky scrapers, etc) that deliver 0.2-0.5 per cent CTR.

Today, the consumer is tuned in to free content on the Internet being subsidised by ads and hence, there is limited resistance to the concept. In fact, considering the high CTRs, consumers seem to be more receptive to ‘in your face direct ads’ than ‘ads somewhere around the page’ that they may find hard to discover.

Games2win originally seeded the Invizi Ads business using its own games. This June, G2W has reached out to 35 million unique users and successfully signed on Addictinggames.com (a Viacom company) to pilot the network. It is currently aggressively building its presence in the US and Western European markets.

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