GameGuru.in creates blog space for gaming

GameGuru.in creates blog space for gaming

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jan 06,2007 8:49 AM

GameGuru.in creates blog space for gaming

With the launch of game blog GameGuru.in, the country’s gaming enthusiasts can now keep abreast of daily news, views, analysis and opinions of the gaming world. Though the gaming scene in India is at a nascent stage and revolves only around mobile phones, casual gaming, and up to a point PC games, console, online and multiplayer gaming is picking up fast.

The year 2006 witnessed the launch of the much-awaited next gen console and saw many agreements between VCs and gaming start-ups. In addition, the introductions of speedy broadband Internet connections are playing catalyst for the growth of the online multiplayer games in India by enabling gamers to have a lag-free gaming experience.

There was a need to bring all these factors together and provide a platform where all gaming needs are discussed and covered. This is where GameGuru.in steps in. It plans to cover every game genre and every major gaming platform, including PCs, consoles, online and mobile.

Raoul Bangera, CEO of Gameguru.in, said, “After conducting preliminary research, results showed that there was huge potential for growth in the gaming sector, hence, necessitate the establishment of a premium gaming website to exploit this gap.”

“GameGuru.in aims to provide the best of the gaming world in an interactive blog where we intend sharing our opinions and insights into the world of gaming. The highs, the lows surrounding the spectrum of gaming, with a dash of personal views and more,” Bangera added.

The interactive nature of this blog will help generate ideas for the editorial team. GameGuru.in comprises individuals who have commented and shared their ideas. In addition, the blog has correspondents throughout the country who share and put forward their accurate and skillfully written comments and views on the blog.

GameGuru.in has lined up stalwarts of the gaming industry to share their experiences, insights and offer advice through the blog.

Moving from the clichéd textual content, there are plans to further spice up the game blog with superior audio and video content. The company promises to meet the requirement by offering videos of reviews and interviews conducted by their team, which can be viewed online and can be downloaded free for future viewing.

Despite the various vicissitudes that the gaming industry has seen, Bangera asserted, “The year 2007 will be known as the Year of Gaming in India.”

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