GAIA Good Heath #ThingsYouGiveUp campaign creates over 70 million impressions on social media

GAIA Good Heath #ThingsYouGiveUp campaign creates over 70 million impressions on social media

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Jan 19,2016 9:01 AM

GAIA Good Heath #ThingsYouGiveUp campaign creates over 70 million impressions on social media

GAIA Good Health, a well-established health food brand in India, trended on social media after Xebec Digital launched their latest online campaign.

The campaign #ThingsYouGiveUp saw people share stories with the brand about various things they gave up in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions. The social media chatter created by the campaign resulted in a nationwide trend for two days.

Speaking about the campaign, Dolly Kumar, CEO, Gaia Good Health said, “Today’s individual is aspiring and does not mind giving up health on occasions to meet daily targets and achieve dreams. But there is always a room to compensate by making those smart choices. That’s where GAIA wanted to fit in.” 

Sowmya Iyer, CEO, Xebec Digital, said, “The idea was to make people realize that in this faced-paced life, health knowingly unknowingly does take a beating. That’s where GAIA as a health brand ran a contest on twitter asking people to share their stories where they have given things up to achieve their goals.”

The brand asked people to share their story, its social pages saw people realizing the importance of health through the #ThingsYouGiveUp campaign and sharing updates like--- “Skipped breakfast to make it to work on time”, “Gave up Zumba lessons for studies” and “Gave up spending time with my family for work”, among others.

This trend resulted in 35,804,506 impressions, 4,708 tweets, 2,675 mentions and 700 retweets.

In the second phase of the campaign, GAIA took a different approach and asked people to tweet about the negative things they have given up to make way for a positive change. The situation placed in front of the users by the brand was again relatable and thus saw participation in the form of tweets like-- “I gave up on extra sleep and started meditating in the morning” or “I gave up on smoking and started exercising”.

The response was equally good with the brand handle getting 28,441,050 impressions, 3,301 tweets, 1967 mentions and 472 retweets.

GAIA trended for five hours on December 1, and for 11 hours on December 3, 2015. Over the two days of the campaign, it achieved a stupendous reach of 4.5 million and witnessing a participation of over 1,000 people. 

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