TODAY´S NEWS takes social networking to the mobile; unveils aggressive plans takes social networking to the mobile; unveils aggressive plans

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy & Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Oct 19,2007 8:04 AM

A- takes social networking to the mobile; unveils aggressive plans moves to the mobile platform with mobiFUN, an SMS-based social networking tool. This mobile networking platform allows users to continue networking irrespective of the carrier or the handset model as it is not dependant on value added services like GPRS. Users can access this facility by sending a premium SMS to a short code of the company to check on the latest activity on his/her profile. The service also allows users to access functions such as search for members by age, sex, location and city.

Claiming to be the pioneer of online social networking in India, Navin Mittal, Business Head,, said, “With, we started online social networking in India four years ago. Now, with mobiFUN, we will be providing social networking through mobile via SMS. I believe it’s a natural extension of our service.”

The website is not intending to monetise this service as of now and the user will have to pay only the network provider for the premium SMS.

Commenting on the promotional activities for the new service, has decided to stay online for now. “We will go in for marketing on other mediums after we launch on GPRS,” Mittal added.

Speaking about their social networking platforms, Mittal talked about the importance of advertising for them. “When we realised that the subscription model of online social networking would not work, we moved on to the advertising model. However, we still have a paid membership for our Relationships section on our site,” he explained.

Mittal further said, “We would be launching a mobile site and a photo site in the second phase in January 2008. People can click photos and share them with other users. We see a lot of potential growth in digital camera and photo sharing. There’s greater privacy as one can choose whom to share one’s photos with. We will be launching a new version of video sharing soon.”

“We will be introducing regional language tools in the next quarter. These are all positive changes that is taking to grow in the next quarter,” Mittal added. has recently introduced Easy blogs, a blogging platform.

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