Focus 2011: We need an ecosystem to amplify gaming experience: Anshu Mor, Microsoft

Focus 2011: We need an ecosystem to amplify gaming experience: Anshu Mor, Microsoft

Author | Deepika Bhardwaj | Saturday, Sep 10,2011 9:00 AM

Focus 2011: We need an ecosystem to amplify gaming experience: Anshu Mor, Microsoft

The Indian gaming industry is expected to grow from $198 million in 2010 to $467 million in 2012, a growth rate of about 53 per cent, as per a report released by Deloitte in collaboration with Assocham on media, entertainment, animation and gaming industry in India. The industry currently reaches out to end consumers through consoles, mobiles, PC and online games. While the growth prospects of the Industry in India have been bright, there are factors limiting its success.

Engagement of Indian players in the gaming market is limited to servicing and post production jobs as the concept development and production of games is still happing outside India. The next wave of growth for the industry could only happen if local players got keenly involved in the development of these games and products, asserted Anshu Mor, Category Head, Integrated Entertainment Business, Microsoft India.

He added “Gaming is still perceived wrong in India. We compare gaming with gambling and thus it is not promoted in the right way even by the big platforms like Bollywood movies. There is a need to develop an eco-system that promotes clean gaming in India to fuel the next set of growth. With motion sensor techniques through devices like Kinect, gaming can become a healthy experience for entire family. The main challenge for us right now is production of local content that appeals to the masses here. Another issue is high prices of these consoles.”

The games currently brought in from abroad were first filtered according to various parameters for the Indian consumers by Microsoft, shared Mor. The company is also planning to launch a slew of new games in the coming festive season.

Hungama is also incorporating gaming, specifically Bollywood games in their mobile content solutions. It had more than 400 Bollywood games, shared Siddhartha Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Business & Allied Services, Hungama Digital Media, adding, “Mobile will be the default choice of consumers in coming future. We at Hungama are developing exclusive gaming content based on Bollywood for mobile users. An eco-system is, however, needed to expand the category.”

Players specifically competing in the gaming space in India are Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

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