Facebook Messenger crosses billion users; WhatsApp still rules the charts in India

Facebook Messenger crosses billion users; WhatsApp still rules the charts in India

Author | Ronald Menezes | Tuesday, Jul 26,2016 7:56 AM

Facebook Messenger crosses billion users; WhatsApp still rules the charts in India

What started off as competition between Facebook and WhatsApp eventually faded out after Facebook decided to take over the latter in an estimated $22 billion dollar deal. The competition, however, continues to dominate download stores across platforms.

Facebook Messenger recently crossed billion monthly users earlier last week and in a statement the company said, “We know that every message is important to you, no matter what you want to say, and our team is committed to building experiences you love and to making all the interactions in your life easier no matter who you are communicating with.”

The numbers

Facebook had always seen WhatsApp as a stiff competitor as it slowly stole users from the messenger to its platform. In April 2013 WhatsApp had 200 million monthly active users while Facebook Messenger crossed the 200 million monthly active users a year later in April 2014.

In 2016 WhatsApp crossed the one billion MAU mark in February and Facebook Messenger followed suit by crossing the billionth milestone in July.

In India WhatsApp continues to rule the download charts as compared to Messenger.

According to App Annie, on the Apple play store WhatsApp Messenger stands at the second spot while Facebook Messenger stands lower at fifth spot. The Facebook app stands at fourth.

On the Google Play Store the story is no different WhatsApp occupies the top spot while Facebook Messenger stands at second. The Facebook app stood at the fourth spot even here.

Even in the U.S, Facebook Messenger stands at the second spot in Google play store behind the current taste of the season Pokemon Go and on Apple’s play store Messenger stands at the fifth spot.

WhatsApp’s growth was seen after Facebook purchased the messaging app in 2014 under the leadership of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the MAU’s for Facebook have dramatically changed.

The Messenger app

The Facebook Messenger app is to be downloaded along with the Facebook app for users to access their messages on phones. Users have downloaded the app as a part of Facebook and it is one of the reasons why Facebook Messenger receives a large and dominant number of downloads along with increasing numbers in MAU’s over the years.

An increase in smartphone markets means more and more users are now downloading the Facebook app in order to connect with the social media platform on the go which boosts downloads for Messenger in the bargain.

Facebook messenger has now joined an elite club of billion downloads that have been seen for very few apps like Google’s YouTube, Gmail and Maps services. Facebook itself sees an MAU of 1.65 billion users.

Snapchat is the only outside competitor for Facebook in terms of social media platforms. WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Messenger all lead charts across play stores and all come from Facebook. Facebook made failed attempts in the past to capture Snapchat but having apps like Instagram and WhatsApp in the top 10 list on play stores almost all around the world would only revive higher hopes in the Facebook camp.

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