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Facebook announces bandwidth targeting in India & other high growth countries

Facebook announces bandwidth targeting in India & other high growth countries

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Aug 29,2014 8:00 AM

Facebook announces bandwidth targeting in India & other high growth countries

Facebook is announcing a new global targeting capability, enabling advertisers to reach people based on the type of network connection they usually use when accessing the Internet: 2G, 3G or 4G. Particularly in high-growth countries, network speeds can vary and infrastructure is constantly changing. This fragmented environment makes it difficult for businesses to reach people with valuable experiences on their mobile devices. People want fast, seamless experiences on their phones. This new type of targeting further customizes people’s Facebook experience while respecting device bandwidth and data costs.

This new capability solves a key need for marketers looking to reach people globally, on multiple devices and on multiple connection speeds. Marketers can deliver creative tailored to device and access speed and build the best experience with people, especially in high-growth markets where limited data plans and feature phones are common.

Targeting by mobile network type helps advertisers choose creative that will run smoothly on any given device and connection speed. Optimizing the creative — for instance, targeting a video campaign to people with high-speed connections, and swapping in an image or link ad for people with slower connections — means ads can perform more efficiently for the people seeing them.

This builds on the news Facebook shared in July around a commitment to building customized experiences for people in high-growth countries. India’s “click to missed call” was an example of building a product for cultural behavior. Now, Facebook is working on how it can make the experience of the marketer reaching a person to be the best experience, no matter what kind of device a person is using, from any access speed. This is key across the globe, but especially in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, India, where devices and bandwidth connections are often lowest common denominator.

Bandwidth targeting is available globally via the Ad Create tool, Power Editor and the API.

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