Facebook announces 4 million active advertisers

Facebook announces 4 million active advertisers

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Sep 28,2016 8:07 AM

Facebook announces 4 million active advertisers

Digital strategies can help businesses grow both domestically and internationally and this can have a tremendous impact on the global economy. The number one reason businesses succeed or fail is their ability to attract customers. 

Technology, particularly mobile, helps businesses grow by connecting them with people around the world and the truth is creating a mobile presence can be difficult to build and expensive. 

Facebook Pages are the mobile solution and businesses do have a global mobile opportunity, and Facebook Pages are the mobile solution for many of the over 60 million businesses using the product each month around the globe.

Key Highlights

  • More than 4 million businesses, all over the world, actively advertise on Facebook. With more than 70% outside of the U.S.
  • The fastest growing region is: South East Asia
  • The fastest growing countries are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine, and Philippines (% growth 2016 vs. 2015).
  • Top five countries based on Y/Y growth: U.S., Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and UK (# growth 2016 vs. 2015).

Over 85% of active business Pages use mobile and 40% of active advertisers have created a Facebook ad on mobile and more than 30% of active SMB pages on Facebook are women owned.

The simplest tools have helped convert these businesses to advertise. Two top examples are boosted posts or promoted pages and more than 20% of active advertisers created video ads in the last month, with more than 4 million new video ads being created. The fact is that any business can use Facebook, because it is easy to use. In a new mobile economy, Facebook helps small businesses become large and local businesses become global.

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