Experts highlight relevance of virtual social communities at seminar on blogging

Experts highlight relevance of virtual social communities at seminar on blogging

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Mar 26,2007 9:26 AM

Experts highlight relevance of virtual social communities at seminar on blogging

At a seminar organisd by FMCC and exchange4media, Rajesh Lalwani, Founder, Blog/Works Consulting, spoke on ‘Social Media Concepts and Blogs’. ‘Glimpse into Social Media Technology and Platforms’ was discussed by Kishore Bhargava, CEO, Linkaxis Technologies. The topic on ‘Global Internet Trends’ was analysed by Anurag Batra, Editor-in-chief of exchange4media group.

According to Lalwani, “The blogging trend is catching up fast in India. Unlike in the US, people in India want to know about each other’s family and they love to exchange pictures. In a web log blog, the entries are kept in typically reverse chronological order. There is a commentary on news and other subjects. The web log blog is typically conversational in tone, which is frequently updated.”

He also explained about several kinds of blogs like personal, corporate, individual, commentary issues, etc. He gave the example of Technoratti, which is the largest blog search, tracks 57 million weblogs. There are 1,00,000 blogs added everyday, and of all the blogs, just 39 per cent is contributed in English.

Batra said, “Social media is all about building a community. Every marketer wants to build his own community. Social media will be bigger and will further fragment social media. Average time spent on social media is 32 minutes.”

Interestingly, more and more CEOs are joining blogs everyday. The youth is the opinion leader in blogs and they love doing webcasts and podcast. Lalwani explained, “We found 32,854 photographs matching Nike on flickr.com, while YouTube has 15,600 results. User-generated media, like content communities, is driving the web today. It is estimated that 2/3 of the content on the Internet today is user-generated. YouTube contributes 58 per cent of videos on the Internet. It has announced plans to pay users who upload content. The great content will be rewarded and hopefully, junk will reduce.”

Bhargava stressed that a content management system is very important in an organisation. “It separates content from design/layout, separates design from business logic, separates business logic from storage /archiving,” he said. “Social networks are the people on these networks to form a community. People make friends, express themselves, marry, participate in activities and expand their career. Marketers can join communities, and thereby track and participate in conversations, promote events and works, create endorsers, seek feedback and more,” added Lalwani.

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