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Ex-Delhi Press’ Dinesh Srivastava launches health portal,

Ex-Delhi Press’ Dinesh Srivastava launches health portal,

Author | Nitin Pandey | Thursday, Mar 18,2010 8:47 AM

Ex-Delhi Press’ Dinesh Srivastava launches health portal,

To make youngsters more conscious about their health, lifestyle, food habit and quality of food, Dinesh K Srivastava has launched a health portal, The portal, which is currently in Hindi language, will soon be launched in English and Spanish languages as well. It may be recalled that Srivastava had moved out of Delhi Press in January 2010 after spending 28 years with the group. Padma Srivastava is Founder and Editor-in-Chief, while Srivastava is Co-Founder and Director of the portal.

Speaking on his new innings with digital media, Srivastava said, “I think the digital domain in India is progressing rapidly. We had done lots of case studies and research before launching this website. I travelled all across the Hindi belt in India and found that people are using the Internet to get information. We also found that the second largest read language in the digital domain is Hindi. That is why we have launched our portal initially in Hindi. Moving ahead, we have plans to launch it in English and Spanish languages as well.”

Elaborating further on the portal, Srivastava said, “Working people in the 25-35 age group are in the grip of many diseases. We are targeting them and aim to make them aware of better food and lifestyle. We are not going to suggest them any medicine or therapy, but if somebody wants any consultancy, we will be ready to give them authentic consultancy through our website. We would tie up with some health experts in future.”

Primarily, the revenue source of the portal remains advertisement, but in future, consultancy could be used as a revenue stream for the portal. Moving ahead, Srivastava is planning to launch websites in other domains as well, including travel.

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