Election Tracker: BJP takes a further hit with #BJPRIGGEDEVM

Election Tracker: BJP takes a further hit with #BJPRIGGEDEVM

Author | Abhinna Shreshtha | Wednesday, Apr 09,2014 8:30 AM

Election Tracker: BJP takes a further hit with #BJPRIGGEDEVM

Both BJP and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) generated considerable buzz with the release of their respective manifestos, Though BJP continued to be the most talked about, its favourability scores still continue to lag behind the Congress and AAP. BJP took a further hit due to the alleged tampering of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in Assam.

The hashtag #BJPRIGGEDEVM quickly trended on Twitter and at its peak (on April 3, 2014) had crossed 1,000,000 mentions. This even overshadowed the release of the BJP and AAP manifestos. However, overall, the week was quite good for the three big political parties since all three of them saw an increase in positive sentiment with Congress the clear winner in this regard.

On an overall scale, Narendra Modi and BJP continued to dominate on Twitter, with the former having better favourability scores (77) than prominent politicians like Rahul Gandhi (74), Arvind Kejriwal (76) and Sonia Gandhi (72). This week also saw the entrance of new names on the top ten list, with Varun Gandhi jumping from a previous ranking of 32 to ninth place, LK Advani leapfrogged to eighth place from a previous ranking of 31, while Subramanium Swamy moved to seventh place from a ranking of 17. Yogendra Yadav also moved to fifth place from his earlier ranking of 17. More indications, if any were needed, that with the polls drawing near, the intensity of politics related conversations on Twitter has increased.

An interesting finding by Simplify360 last week was that pranks on politicians and political parties generated the most conversations and content last week. For example, #Modiyapa was used 42,686 times, #PappuDiwas had 32,410 mentions, while #KejriDiwas received 53,163 mentions.

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