eBay India’s study on technology products in the online marketplace

eBay India’s study on technology products in the online marketplace

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, May 29,2006 7:04 AM

eBay India’s study on technology products in the online marketplace

With technology products being one of the key drivers of online commerce, eBay India recently conducted a study to throw some light on the technology products category. The study found that technology categories on eBay.com clocked $8.9 billion annually. Of this, computers rake in $3.6 billion, consumer electronics get $3.9 billion, while cameras and photography devices rake in $1.4 billion.

eBay India has 65,000 listings live at any given point of time in the technology category and a technology item is sold every two minutes on eBay India.

eBay makes online commerce efficient by offering buyers selection, value and convenience, while sellers get low-cost goods and high velocity.

E-commerce in India is currently worth Rs 2,300 crore. According to a survey, while there are a number of players in the online marketplace, eBay India is the most preferred website to shop online with 42 per cent (out of 12,700 people) people voting for eBay. Other players to follow are Rediff (23 per cent), Indiatimes (18 per cent), Yahoo (3 per cent), Fabmall (3 per cent), Sify (3 per cent), Google (1 per cent) and MSN (1 per cent).

eBay India has over 2 million registered users from over 240 towns and is the most popular online shopping destination according to IDC. Most buyers come from B and C class towns in India as they get access to products that are not available locally, particularly technology products.

People buy technology products online because buyers can compare and choose from a wide range of products, brands and price range; buyers perceive significant value especially in eBay’s auction formats; buyers can see the seller’s profile through a unique feedback system that eBay offers; eBay India offers buyer protection on purchases up to Rs 10,000 or the item price; and purchases made using eBay’s PaisaPay (a secure online payment gateway enabling credit card and online bank transfers) can be eligible for PaisaPay Buyer Protection for up to Rs 50,000.

eBay Pulse on http://pulse.ebay.in displays the most popular searches, the largest shops and the most watched items across categories. According to eBay’s study, technology keywords regularly feature in the Top 10 most popular searches.

According to eBay Pulse, Mobile and accessories is the single largest category on eBay India with Nokia and Sony Ericsson being the most popular brands in this category. Mobile accessories sell every 18 minutes and data cables, headsets and hands free kits are most popular selling accessories.

An MP3 player sells every 17 minutes and iPod is the second most searched item on eBay India. eBay India sells a DVD player every five hours. A laptop sells every 56 minutes and Compaq and Dell are the most popular laptop brands. There is an increasing demand for USB drives with 1 gigabyte and 2 gigabyte memory capacities. eBay India sells handhelds and PDAs every three hours with O2 and I-mate being top selling brands on eBay India.

According to the study, Indian online consumers are shopping increasingly for high-end digital cameras and most digital cameras sold are in the 5-7 MP range. Digital cameras also outsell film cameras by 8 to1. eBay India sells a digital camera every 40 minutes and digital SLR cameras are showing significant growth. A camcorder sells every two hours.

In the last four months, video games consoles have seen a huge spurt in buyer interest. Play station and play station portable are the most searched for item in the video games category. However, PC-based games are more popular than console-based games with a PC game selling every 32 minutes. GTA and FIFA 2006 are the most searched for games in this category.

People are also increasingly confident of buying online as they first buy low-cost products and then move to buying high-end products.

What sets the online market place different from a regular marketplace are factors like many-to-many sellers and buyers, sellers can list across multiple categories, the marketplace does not hold or own any inventory, and logistics responsibility is with the seller.

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