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Durex urges couples to use Earth Hour to rekindle passion in digital campaign

Durex urges couples to use Earth Hour to rekindle passion in digital campaign

Author | Sonam Gulati | Thursday, Mar 27,2014 7:48 AM

Durex urges couples to use Earth Hour to rekindle passion in digital campaign

Technology brings people together, but it is also one of theprimaryreasons for people drifting apart and not giving each other time.Often we have heard of the perils of active social media addiction and people spending more time on gadgets than with their loved ones. 

Durex has launched a digital campaign which urges couples to turn off all the gadgets to turn on. It has perfectly positioned this campaign with Earth Hour that is on 29th March, from 8:30 – 9:30 pm. In its campaign it asks couple to shut not only lights, but all their gadgets during earth hour and use the opportunity to spend some time with each other.

Durex has released a short video on YouTube to drive home the point. The film shows various couples who are together, but utterly engrossed with their respective gadgets at different times of the day. There is even a newly married couple who are shown absorbed in their smartphones immediately after getting married. Another scene shows a couple in a diner and the girl is busy clicking picture of the food in front of her to share on social media. One couple is sitting right across from each other but busy on their tablets. All kinds of instances are accurately and realistically portrayed in the video to capture social media addiction today. Towards the end, the couples are shown kissing , switching off all gadgets around them while lights across the world simultaneously going out, followed by the tagline - Turn off to turn on. Enjoy Earth Hour. The basic premise of this campaign is to ask people to take the opportunity to reconnect whilst the lights are off during earth hour.

The brand has promoted the campaign on social media with the hashtag #TurnOffToTurnOn and has received good traction on Twitter. The video which went live on 19th March has seen around five million views on YouTube.

The positioning with Earth Hour is perfectly timed and is quite an interesting integration. The video is crisp and to the point with a catchy background score sung by Fiona O'Kane of Runaway Go. The brand has been promoting the campaign on Twitter and Facebook rigorously. They have used some very catchy taglines like “Check each other out instead of checking in” or “This earth hour I am a lover not a gamer” and more. This is the first instance where such a campaign has been done by a condom brand. 

Watch the video here:

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