Domino’s India awards digital duties to Quasar

Domino’s India awards digital duties to Quasar

Author | Preeti Hoon | Monday, Sep 20,2010 8:05 AM

Domino’s India awards digital duties to Quasar

Fast-food chain brand Domino’s India has ended its rigorous search for a digital agency and has chosen Quasar to handle its online media presence. From website to SEO, the agency will handle the brand’s digital presence from now on.

In an exclusive conversation with excange4media, Dev Amritesh, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino’s India, divulged the brand’s plans in the virtual space, while Sandeep Singh, Business Head, Quasar, explained the kind of responsibilities the agency was vested with.

On choosing Quasar as their digital agency, Amritesh said, “We have been in search for the right digital agency and have observed Quasar and their work. We are pretty impressed with their approach and the results that they have delivered to their other clients. When we did a market search on the kind of agency we should be going with, we found their approach quite compelling.”

To begin with, Domino’s is looking to strengthen its commercial aspect of the website and wants Quasar to look extensively into its positioning in the e-commerce segment. Amritesh elaborated, “The first step is to go over the user interface, interactivity and flow of our e-commerce website. We will start off with the consulting services of Quasar and with their help, we will fine tune and improve the user experience. While the ‘pizza category perspective’ is strong in the current execution, we want them to bring in best practices and lessons from the larger e-commerce space on this site.”

Adding further to the conversation, Amritesh said, “Secondly, when all of this is done and we have a robust foundation in place, we will be ready to scale up and get into the search engine optimisation and digital marketing campaigns and start to build the habit of people ordering pizzas online. We believe that we are sitting on a huge opportunity there.”

On the brand’s need for a full-fledged digital agency, Singh stated, “Domino’s is already a pioneer in e-commerce for its category and now it wants to scale up its business. It wants to enhance the existing experience and this move would contribute to its revenues directly. An experienced digital agency was required to take it to the next level and to add specialised expertise in Domino’s overall strategy and achieve objectives in the digital domain.”

Furthermore, the agency’s job would be to ensure all important digital tools are utilised in a way it strengthens the brand’s positioning in the digital space. “We will be looking at Domino’s official website, overall user-friendliness and help it manage the complete design of the site. We would also be looking into search engine optimisation, all paid advertising and other aspects related to its presence in the digital space,” Singh informed.

He further said that the work had already begun on certain aspects of the brand’s digital business. “We are into the ‘discovery phase’ right now, that is, we are evaluating the data, the conversion rates, analysing the traffic behaviour and user flows. We will move towards making changes once all of this is done. Right now, we are critically analysing and recommending the changes.”

“The distinguishing factor here is that Domino’s is the first in India to offer such a service online. We are looking to take its vision forward and become the number one standalone single product e-commerce player in India. We want to be the largest in that category,” Singh added.

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