Digitised jukebox spells moolah for Real Image

Digitised jukebox spells moolah for Real Image

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Sep 11,2004 8:59 AM

Digitised jukebox spells moolah for Real Image

Technology and the growing world of branding have digitised the simple jukebox.

The Chennai-based Real Image Media Technologies has been stretching its presence with Q Jam, its version of a branded digital jukebox, in over 110 outlets across 16 cities.

Real Image has carried out this exercise jointly with MTV India. It has set up Q Jam jukeboxes at outlets of Café Coffee Day, Amorettos, Mark Pie (a Chinese fast food chain), Komalas restaurants in the South, Megabowl and Reliance Web World.

"Q Jam is a complete solution to an outlet like Café Coffee Day. MTV, which has an on air presence, gets the ground level brand creation opportunity,'' said Ms Rina Kakkar, National Brand Manager (Q Jam), Real Image Technologies.

Revenue for Real Image is from two sources - customers who walk into these outlets can buy a Q code for Rs 5 to choose any music they want to hear, and the jukebox offers branding opportunity to advertisers.

The first option is a revenue-sharing opportunity with the outlet, Ms Kakkar said.

Q Jam is a touch-screen digital jukebox that allows for interaction. The system has an in-built virtual DJ.

Armed with 3,500 songs, MTV-Q Jam is gaining a huge following not only among customers of these outlets but among advertisers too, said Ms Kakkar.

The current lot of advertisers includes Smirnoff, Citibank, Maybeline, Expressions Greeting Cards, Hutch and West Bengal Tourism.

"We believe that Q Jam is a wonderful opportunity for advertisers to project their brands in a clutter-free environment,'' she said.

Real Image Technologies is also in the process of setting up video jukeboxes in 10 outlets in Mumbai and Delhi.

"We continuously acquire songs to update our content. The most amazing aspect of this jukebox is the insight its offers into people's taste for music and stranger is the fact that the choice differs from outlet to outlet,'' Ms Kakkar said, indicating that the database of people's choices could be yet another revenue opportunity for Real Image. MTV itself plans to use the data to select the music for the channel.

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