Digitalism – it’s now or never, say industry experts

Digitalism – it’s now or never, say industry experts

Author | Priya Ramkissoon | Wednesday, Nov 25,2009 7:56 AM

Digitalism – it’s now or never, say industry experts

When it comes to catapulting brands to a whole new level, the word digital pretty much encapsulates the ‘brand’ new way forward. The media world has hit an unknown pace, whereby more and more mediums are evolving and the online world may well have been triumphed by the digital world. So as the world succumbs to digitalism, shouldn’t India too? Speakers like Seth Solomons, Chief Marketing Officer, Digitas; Mark Beeching, Chief Creative Officer, Digitas; and Neville Taraporewalla, Director - Consumer and Online Business, Microsoft India Pvt Ltd highlighted why digital is the way forward in India at an event held in Mumbai on November 24, 2009.

The event sprawled two metros – Delhi and Mumbai – over two days. The presentation on ‘The Age of Now, Everything Clicks’ underscored the importance of the digital revolution to the Indian market. The event explored the opportunities that exist for the Indian consumer, whereby the delegates were shown various ways of discovering new engaging channels, real-time experiences and insightful ideas to engage and interact with their customers.

The presentation specifically underlined how brands in India should brace the explosion of the digital medium and build a unique digital framework, tailor-made for Indian brands and the Indian audience. The discussions also highlighted how India needs to envision a digital framework that encompasses digital channels that are being consumed, such as mobile, interactive zones and real time web.

In a wrap up of the event, the notable threads of discussion elaborated that we are live in exciting times – a world that (to an extent) knows no patience and is fast paced. The audience has greater control over time and space and in a world where the audience expects things instantly, companies need to act now.

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