#DigitalIndiaWeek gets 56,000 tweets in a day

#DigitalIndiaWeek gets 56,000 tweets in a day

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Monday, Jul 06,2015 7:55 AM

#DigitalIndiaWeek gets 56,000 tweets in a day

The government's push to drive the Digital India initiative has already earned the support of industrialists and the announcement of Digital India Week starting on Wednesday has also generated ample buzz on social media.

According to Simplify 360, mentions around Digital India Week on social media platforms crossed in excess of 56,000 tweets in one day. The conversations were mostly on Twitter with just a small percentage coming from Facebook.

For example, according to Simplify 360, 98.6 per cent of the mentions came from Twitter with just 1.17 per cent mentions from Facebook.

Meltwater also crunched the numbers over the first days of Digital India Week and came out with similar statistics.

"Through the new Meltwater media intelligence platform we have been closely monitoring the impact of the Digital India Week programme over the online media space. Our tool browsed through more than 3 lakh media publications and billions of social media updates. The popularity of this event has been overwhelming. We found more than 35,000 posts about the event only on Twitter, followed by over 2,000 posts on Facebook and an amazing response by media outlets across the world. More than 1,400 news items have been published across the globe about the event," Nitin Bhatia, Director (Agency Partnerships) of Meltwater India.

Unsurprisingly, most of the conversations were from India but there was also buzz across the globe, from countries like the US, the UK, Canada, UAE, etc. For example, according to Simplify 360, 3.5 per cent of mentions were from the US, while the UK and UAE each generated 0.64 per cent of mentions.

Most of the sentiment was positive with Simplify 360 stating that 3.78 per cent of all conversations were positive with 95.85 per cent neutral and just 0.37 per cent conversations tending to the negative.

"There has been a lot of positivity in the virtual world about the campaign across the globe, around 100 news articles have been published about the event in the US. The response on both mainstream media and social media have been majorly on the positive side. Over the last week we saw negligible negative sentiment over the online media universe about the Digital India Week program," said Bhatia.


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