Deccan Chronicle Interactive creates 'Montessori Magic'

Deccan Chronicle Interactive creates 'Montessori Magic'

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Monday, Apr 04,2005 7:17 AM

Deccan Chronicle Interactive creates 'Montessori Magic'

If you thought outsourcing to India was all about call centres and college kids, think again. It's also about Montessori kids! Deccan Chronicle Interactive (DCI), the Multimedia, Internet, Innovative Media and E-Marketing initiative of the Hyderabad-based Deccan Chronicle Group, is working on the content management for Montessori schools across the world. The agency is currently engaged in setting up the site for the World Montessori Association.

Speaking to exchange4media on the new project, Vijay Marur, CEO, Deccan Chronicle Interactive, said, "The exercise is more than merely building a web-site. It's about building an online fraternity of the over 15,000 Montessori schools worldwide. It's our job to create the content management for children, parents and teachers."

The concept is inspired by the US model, where over 6300 schools in the category are online everyday. With the levels of interest of the parents, teachers and the students themselves being very high in the segment, Marur believes that the joy of delivery and experience will be higher in this project.

On the style to be adopted in creating the fraternity, he said, "The credibility and economic worth will be high because of the Indian value for money delivery, but the know-how and the look and feel will be very much American. The Montessori system itself is universal, so there will be some commonalities that we can adopt."

He added though that it remained to be seen how popular the fraternity will be among the 500-plus Indian Montessori schools, thanks to most of them not being internet friendly. A year down the line, DCI will create a similar set up for Chinese Montessori schools and before that, in Phase 2 of the project, it is expected to create the fraternity of the European Community online, for countries including France and Germany.

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