Cutting Edge Media ties up with ActiveMedia to bring video-on-mobiles to India

Cutting Edge Media ties up with ActiveMedia to bring video-on-mobiles to India

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Oct 07,2005 7:08 AM

Cutting Edge Media ties up with ActiveMedia to bring video-on-mobiles to India

Encashing on the burgeoning mobile phone market and increasing use of the device to generate content by various sectors of the media industry, Cutting Edge Media is introducing Truvideo in partnership with ActiveMedia, a technology that will help enhance quality of video on mobiles.

Sharing more on the gap that technologies like this can fill, Murtaza Kagalwala, CEO, Cutting Edge Media, explained that mobile telephony was growing at a rapid pace in the country.

“More people are using mobiles, but not all cellphones are high end. Therefore, there is a clear need for an audio visual media player that is compatible with a lot of cellphones in India. If you take present examples like Hutch TV, not many people speak about the technology because it can be viewed only on Edge phones, and there are not that many Edge phones in the country.”

Kagalwala further said that most technologies today did not work for both CDMA and GSM phones. “We wish to change this and make this technology available across majority of phones in the market,” he added.

According to Cutting Edge Media, Truvideo addressed these problems, and the company has partnered with ActiveMedia Technology to make the software available in India.

Elaborating on the reason to partner with ActiveMedia, Kagalwala said, “ActiveMedia has all the necessary expertise and skills that are required to launch and develop such a product in the market. In the last few years, ActiveMedia has successfully developed a respectable space for itself in the field of value added services on mobile and has 360 degree knowledge of the mobile value added business.”

Raj Singh, Executive Director, ActiveMedia, explained more about the technology. “The compelling advantage that makes this a superior solution over anything else available in the market is two-fold – the highest quality experience possible on existing 2 G and 2.5 G networks, and the widest support of handset models and operating systems,” he pointed out.

Singh further said, “Till date, either the quality experience of video-on-mobile has been poor due to limited bandwidth or it has only been available on limited high end sets. It’s a great new product for media/content owners to deliver their content on to the mobile phone screen. The most viewed and watched screen of over 80 million Indians by the end of this year.”

Replying to whether work had already begun with the service, Singh said, “There is a strong demand for a solution that delivers the best user experience to the largest possible set of mobile subscribers. Work has begun to set up the ASP infrastructure needed to deliver these services. We already have a number of serious discussions in progress with both media and content owners plus cellular operators and are looking to launch video-on-mobile services for them this quarter.”

This will be the first time that Trumedia is coming to the Indian market, after being launched in markets like US, Canada, China, and Taiwan among others.

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