CRY goes virtual with office on Second Life

CRY goes virtual with office on Second Life

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jan 30,2008 7:13 AM

CRY goes virtual with office on Second Life

CRY (Child Rights and You) has decided to follow the virtual path with an office on Second Life. The virtual world created by Linden Labs already boasts of several Indian users and even an office from Wipro. CRY has opened this virtual office along with its partners CRY America and CRY UK. Indusgeeks, a technology and new media company that works exclusively on virtual world technologies like Second Life, has partnered CRY to build its virtual office.

The non-profit organisation hopes to build a global virtual community of child rights advocates by encouraging people to play their part in correcting injustice to marginalised children. An official note states that “this step makes CRY the 'first Indian non-profit organisation working on child rights' to have an office in Second Life.”

Designed as Lego blocks, the office is a unique structure emphasising the core essence of CRY's work, which is children. Speaking on the initiative, Ingrid Srinath, CEO, CRY, said, “The space offers avatars an opportunity to experience, via displays, videos, community development stories and photo essays, the situation of marginalised children, especially Indian, and invites them to join the community, engage with volunteers from across the world to discuss issues, organise brainstorming sessions, exchange ideas and experiences and get more deeply involved.”

“We have partnered with CRY because of our belief in the cause of ensuring child rights and it gave us an opportunity to help them with their endeavor to amplify the voices of marginalised children in India globally. Second Life offers people a medium for an interactive experience, it connects real life people challenged by distance to virtually experience and understand issues and an opportunity to do something about it. It basically adds a soul to the Internet by making in more visual and interactive,” added Siddharth Bannerjee, Founder and CEO, Indusgeeks.

It also houses a virtual space for products such as greeting cards, gift articles, stationery products and lots more, all designed and inspired by the expressions of childhood. The ‘Avataars’ can purchase these products to display in their offices in-world or in real life through

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