Cricketnirvana.com to come up with a mobile version

Cricketnirvana.com to come up with a mobile version

Author | Robin Thomas | Saturday, Aug 02,2008 8:57 AM

Cricketnirvana.com to come up with a mobile version

Four months on, Cricketnirvana.com claims to have exceeded the expectations of the organisation. PCWorld has judged Cricketnirvana.com to be the best designed cricket site of 2008. After having experimented with cricket, the site now wants to cover other sports over the next 12 months.

Social networking was one of the areas that the site wanted to focus on when it was launched four months’ back, and in a week’s time, Cricketnirvana.com will be unveiling it social networking product, which will allow people to create communities, share photographs, and upload content shot via mobile phones or handicams.

Speaking about the experience so far, Sumit Luthra, COO, New Media, said, “The journey has been a mixed bag till now, where there are certain expectations that we have exceeded as well as certain enhancements that we continue to bring on to the site. We are, therefore, extremely pleased that all this is happening in just four months’ time of the launch, when ideally it takes six months.”

He added, “It has been a set of revelations as far as Nimbus is concerned. Something that has taken us all by surprise is the rate at which this website has been accepted. One of the most encouraging developments is that PCWorld has judged Cricketnirvana the best designed cricket site of 2008.”

The primary target group of cricketnirvana.com are people in the 15-35 age group, however, the registration data shows that the users mainly fall between 22 years and 30 years, and almost 90 per cent of the users are males. In terms of geographical split, they claim to have 60 per cent Indian users, while the remaining 40 per cent are overseas users.

On their growth plans, Luthra said, “Before the Australia series in India starts, we will also have a mobile version of Cricketnirvana. Thus, in the next 12 months, we plan to capitalise on the big cricketing events. After having experimented with cricket, we also plan to expand the nirvana family and bring in some more sports to the fold and that would be over the next 12 months.”

He further explained, “A considerate development towards the end of the year that I expect, is to see Cricketnirvana become one of the premium sites giving the kind of stories not available in any other comparable media. We also plan to come up with rapid deployment of unique features and offering from the site like social networking site, downloadable application, providing people with more interactive programmes and taking the site experience to the next level with the coming up mobile version.”

“In terms of differentiating ourselves, I think it is the quality of the product, the ability to integrate television with Internet, and lastly, we have certain exclusive rights to cricket that would differentiate us from the rest,” Luthra asserted.

Cricketnirvana.com claims to have 75,000 registered users, one million views and 10 million page views. In fact, it claims to have crossed 10 million page views per month mark in August 2008. This number is expected to jump to 30 million with the upcoming cricket season from October-December 2008.

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