CNN launches paid streaming video news service – CNN Pipeline

CNN launches paid streaming video news service – CNN Pipeline

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Dec 07,2005 7:47 AM

CNN launches paid streaming video news service – CNN Pipeline

CNN.com has launched a premium on-demand broadband video service called CNN Pipeline, which is designed to enhance the way people view news online by offering an extensive portfolio of online content and live video streams. In addition, CNN’s video archives and on-demand news clips from the network’s newsgathering operation around the world will also be available.

CNN Pipeline is a new online service building upon the foundation of CNN’s online complement, CNN.com. This service will be in addition to the existing free video service launched in June 2005, which is funded by commercial advertisements.

CNN Online will be entirely commercial-free and users will have to pay a fee to access the service. Subscriptions for CNN Pipeline are available monthly, annually or as a one-day pass. While the annual subscription is available for $24.95 (Rs 1,147.70), the monthly subscription costs $2.95 (Rs 135.70) and a one-day pass is available for $0.99 (Rs 45.54).

“With CNN Pipeline, CNN.com stakes out entirely new territory for online news, placing the broadband consumer in the ultimate driver’s seat,” said Susan Grant, Executive Vice-President, CNN News Services. “Today, the CNN.com user can not only read a story and view video on demand, but with CNN Pipeline, the user can also take control of daily news clips, several live streams of news and even video from CNN’s extensive archives. CNN Pipeline creates an added dimension to online news, offering an experience that is even more relevant, credible and catered specifically to the user’s needs.”

Available in 25 countries, CNN Pipeline includes a host of innovative features, including an easy-to-use downloadable player and access to video content from the entire CNN News Group.

Subscribers can also access CNN.com free video features such as an on-demand “Video” section that showcases the best and most popular content, a unique “Browse Video” tool and “Now in the News,” an hourly Web-exclusive news update.

“CNN Pipeline provides the ultimate news experience for all types of consumers,” said David Payne, Senior Vice-President, CNN News Services and General Manager, CNN.com. “Designed for people to ‘watch and work,’ CNN Pipeline gives consumers commercial-free choices and control. CNN Pipeline is to online news what the iPod is to digital music.”

Launched in 1995, CNN.com draws from the worldwide resources of CNN News Group to provide relevant, up-to-the minute news and information.

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