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Clients' digital budgets must increase to at least 10 pc: OgilvyOne's Sanjeev Jasani

Clients' digital budgets must increase to at least 10 pc: OgilvyOne's Sanjeev Jasani

Author | Preeti Hoon | Friday, Nov 05,2010 10:46 PM

Clients' digital budgets must increase to at least 10 pc: OgilvyOne's Sanjeev Jasani

Riding on 30-40 per cent growth, according to company officials, OgilvyOne has robust plans to leverage the medium for its clients and explore new territories online. In an exclusive conversation with exchange4media, Sanjeev Jasani, Vice-President, OgilvyOne Worldwide, New Delhi, discusses how agency’s functionality has evolved over the years and the kind of growth it is seeing in the current digital scenario.

Donning the dual role of CRM as well as a digital agency, OgilvyOne has been growing consistently by 15-20 per cent over the last five years as per Jasani. According to him, “A large part of the growth has come from digital and in future this is truly going to be the main growth driver, not just for us but also for most agencies today.”

He further said, “We have always provided holistic solutions to our clients to eliminate the possibility of them fishing around to other corner boutique shops. With OgilvyOne, they get not just the ‘Ogilvy’ standards in creative but also a more strategic and sound solution to their business problems.”

Clients – then and now

On dealing with the clients in yesteryears and making them understand the importance of digital medium, Jasani recalled, “Initially it was a little slow in taking off. Clients obviously wanted instances of brands using the digital medium successfully. ROI was top of mind and no one wanted to be the guinea pig. One has to be consistently at it. Educating them and hand holding them. It’s a slow educative process. This coupled with what they see and hear around them have made them sit up and take notice.”

“Today, clients are more open to the medium but I still feel we have a long way to go. We are still at a stage where clients are spending only 2-3 per cent of their entire budget on digital media. This has to increase to a minimum of 10 per cent,” Jasani remarked.

One noteworthy recent assignment from OgilvyOne’s creative box is the ‘Welcome to the Human Network’ Campaign for Cisco. It is a 360-degree campaign with a very important digital leg to it. The campaign has been a good example of the agency’s ability to provide solutions to its clients.

The other work worth giving a mention is what the agency does for American Express. American Express uses OgilvyOne’s direct marketing and digital services to acquire prospects as well as retain and engage its customers.

The future is about change for Jasani. He said, “The consumer today is a moving target with a low attention span. If you are not new and different, if you are not solving his problem and he will ignore you. What worked five years ago may not necessarily work today. Things are changing and new things happen every day. The market is so dynamic and if one doesn’t evolve and come up with new updated solutions, one will surely get left behind.”

On the agency’s expectations from the coming months, he said, “Moving forward, the overall growth rate would continue to be around 15-20 per cent with digital growing at 30-40 per cent year-on-year. We are on the growth phase right now and this is the most exciting time to be in.”

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