Chennai bloggers among shortlists at the global ‘Battle of the Ad blogs’

Chennai bloggers among shortlists at the global ‘Battle of the Ad blogs’

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Jan 24,2006 7:38 AM

Chennai bloggers among shortlists at the global ‘Battle of the Ad blogs’

Ad-Rag, an advertising and communication portal, has launched the “Battle of the Ad Blogs” in association with Adland. Among the nominees in the final list who will be voted by fellow blog lovers, are two Indian blogs – and Both blogs are creations of Chennai-based bloggers.

Arvind Ramalingam, an Art Director with Chennai-based shop, WOC, started the blog seven months ago. Regular visits to international advertising blogs resulted in his motivation to start his own, and the intent while starting off was to create a blog for creative Indian advertising.

He ended up creating a blog showcasing the most exciting, wacky creatives from across the world, and as the intro on the blog admits, “…the greatest challenge that faces me on the professional front at this point of time is landing a job as an art director in Chennai. The very point of writing this is to get noticed. By you, of course…”. The blog seems to have achieved its primary objective.

Commenting on his blog, Ramalingam said, “It is a very big challenge to source content for the blog as everything has to be a excellent creative work, and the expectations are very high. Over a period of time it is fellow bloggers who keep it going with a steady flow of creatives. There are not too many advertising blogs around which offer good creatives, and hits on my blog are from all over the world.”

Ramalingam intends to start a website for showcasing the best creative works soon, and the brief description is ‘All creative, no gyaan’. At the ‘Battle of the Ad Blogs’, his work has been nominated under the ‘Best Ad-Porn Blog’ category. No, you thought wrong – the criteria is images, not necessarily porn.

For commercialbreak.blogspot’s creator and veteran in the blogosphere, Anantha Narayan, copy man at Chennai-based shop, 1pointsize, the blog is one of the eight of his blog-ventures, and his third in the advertising space. From the creator of, this is more niche than most advertising blogs, and true to its name, the blog deals with TV commercials. One or two television commercials are reviewed each day.

Reasons Narayan, “Most sites charge you for watching commercials. While print ads are available in plenty, TVCs are not. It’s certainly worth checking out the international advertising, especially when you enter awards internationally. Not only can you benchmark and assess where you stand, you also get feedback from the best creative minds in the business. Very often in India, the only international creative we see is during the screening of the Cannes showreel.”

Most visitors to, too, are from abroad. And sourcing Indian TV commercials is admittedly an issue. This blog is in with a chance in the ‘Best Ad Commentary not from the United States’ category.

As of now, both the Indian contenders are far from the top of their category’s leaders in terms of votes received. And the contest closes on February 10. But in the virtual world of blogs, one never knows what will happen next.

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