Candyman redefines branding with ‘Candyman Get on the Web’ initiative

Candyman redefines branding with ‘Candyman Get on the Web’ initiative

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Aug 10,2006 8:12 AM

Candyman redefines branding with ‘Candyman Get on the Web’ initiative

Candyman, the confectionery brand from ITC Foods, has undertaken a unique marketing exercise that leverages the power of the Internet medium to create an interactive, experiential platform for the brand, called ‘Candyman Get on the Web’.

The ‘Candyman Get on the Web’ initiative is an interactive marketing programme that aims to build a direct connect between the brand and its core target consumers, that is, the kids.

Ravi Naware, Divisional Chief Executive (Food Business), ITC Ltd, said, “The site has distinct contents, one for kids (5-9 years) and the other for teens (10-14 years). Given the penetration of the Internet in the country, a majority of the users and visitors come from the metros and larger towns, but we do have fans from small and far off places in the country. The site content is updated and revitalised regularly – the current theme being the soccer World Cup.”

“In addition, the kids’ contributions are put on the site and this gives the site users a sense of pride. These contributions also make the site more relevant to the kids – speaking to them in their own language. In addition, the Candyman Gang (the four Candyman characters – Orange Josh, Wild Banana, Pineapple Punch and Mango Delite) anchor the site. Each member of the Candyman gang has a fan following among kids,” Naware further said.

Explaining the reason behind launching the website, Naware said, “We at ITC have various ongoing researches amongst kids. One of the critical consumer insights that we obtained was the increase use of the Internet by kids. These tech savvy kids are opinion leaders in their peer groups and, therefore, play a critical role in influencing brand choices amongst their peers. Communicating with these kids is an important part of Candyman’s strategy. We also wanted to be the first kids brand in India to put up its website. Being the ‘first one’ has its advantage of being differentiated within the product category, especially in the minds of these peer group leaders. This was the genesis of The website reflects the Candyman brand world of adventure and excitement.”

The future marketing plans of include TV, Internet, the product itself, on line promotions and contests. As of now, is a free to use site and kids do not have to register to surf the site.

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