Canadian mobile video streaming Co Jigsee launches in India

Canadian mobile video streaming Co Jigsee launches in India

Author | Shubhi Tandon | Friday, Aug 19,2011 8:53 AM

Canadian mobile video streaming Co Jigsee launches in India

Mobile video streaming technology provider Jigsee has launched in India and aims to bring entertaining, informative, and educational video content to people who use feature phones. The introduction of Jigsee Beta enables mobile subscribers to access premium video content on mobile phones for free.

Developed by mobile video streaming start-up, Jigsee Inc., the patent pending technology helps offer seamless video streaming on mobile phones on wireless data networks.

The Canadian company was established in 2008 by Ray Newal, an ex-employee of DoubleClick and Areef Reza, who has worked with Research in Motion (RIM). It is funded by Sequoia Capital and the Indian Angel Network and has offices in Ottawa, Canada, and Mumbai, India.

The startup aims to dissolve the technical, cultural, and economic barriers that prevent mobile subscribers globally from accessing and discovering the video content they want. Ray Newal, Founder and CEO, Jigsee said, “Jigsee is more than a technology, software or mobile application. Jigsee is our way of dissolving borders that prevent entertainment, education, and information content from being equally accessible to everyone.”

The technology enables all kinds of phones to stream video content over all kinds of connections as well.

Newal explains to exchange4media, “The challenge for video streaming is while dealing with lower devices, which are not smartphones. The devices have very limited processing power, limited memory and are very basic in these terms. So at Jigsee we have developed the technology that makes video streaming viable on such basic phones and on any network be it- GRPS or 2G, 3G and 4G.”

Jigsee claims to have a growing list of top content publishers including UTV, 1Take Media, Spice Digital, Khan Academy and others in India, who use the Jigsee platform to mobilize their content to masses.

At the moment, over 200 Java enabled mobile handset models will support the Jigsee application. It will introduce the technology over a period of time most phones, including those with the Android operating system.

Jigsee claims to have over 200,000 minutes of content from top tier content owners including 1take media, Gypsy Videos. Mukta Arts, Point Zero, Speed Records, Spice Digital, Soor Mandir, Manorama, Mayura, UTV, UTV Bindass, Wave Music (Vee Gee) and Yuki.

Content genres available on Jigsee include trailers, scenes, songs, news and events related to entertainment, short films, kids content, animation, education, etc. Besides these, there is also devotional content and content on fashion, lifestyle and yoga.

“Jigsee brings a smartphone-like video streaming experience to basic feature phones. Nothing else compares to Jigsee, free or paid,” said Areef Reza, Co-founder, Jigsee.

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