c2w-Zee English launch viral contest to promote 'Friends'

c2w-Zee English launch viral contest to promote 'Friends'

Author | Jasmeen Dugal | Wednesday, Mar 17,2004 7:11 AM

c2w-Zee English launch viral contest to promote 'Friends'

With viral marketing gaining grounds, 'word of mouse' is coming up as a potent marketing tool. Among the latest to join the bandwagon of viral marketing are (c2w) and Zee English. The duo has partnered to promote the popular sitcom: 'Friends - Season 9' series on Zee English channel.

Going by the marketing jargon, viral marketing is any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure.

All you need to do is watch the episode and answer a simple question by logging on to the website, or via SMS through the short code 8558. The bumper prize is a paid trip for the winner along with five friends to Goa. There is an innovative "viral twist" in the promotion - the contestant can invite five friends to enter the contest and if they do participate, the original contestant's chances of winning increase though a sure-fire way of getting maximum 'referral' mileage for the promotion. Besides the trip to Goa, there are gift vouchers and cool 'Friends' merchandise to be won.

As Alok Kejriwal, CEO, Contests2win puts it: "Considering the fact that the latest season of 'Friends' is huge property for Zee English, it was mandatory for the interactive promotion to be extremely compelling. We delivered a combination of an internet-based self-propelling viral campaign, coupled with SMS. For the first time, consumers could choose the friends they wanted to win a vacation with, and then invite them to participate." Calling the serial, Friends "very energetic", he said the group emphasised on capturing that spirit in the promotion execution.

"Given the upwardly mobile-viewer profile, interweaving interactivity with the programming was a must. We partnered with c2w given their experience in viral and buzz marketing to serve our viewers a great combination of content, interactivity and, of course, huge aspirational prizes," said Abhijit Saxena, Business Head, Zee English.

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